Swedish/European Sparring Partner (PC)



Im currently on the lookout for a mid-level sparring partner for the AE PC version.
Before anyone tells me to go to “Bitterharmony” for swedish sparring partners, i’ve tried. It wont even let me register on the website :stuck_out_tongue:

My only requirements are that you are Mid-Level (i actually dont care if youre better then that, its just better training for me).
And that you live in Europe. preferably scandinavia.

You can contact me or invite me on my gamertag; SvnSture 1st

And my steam ID is: ratysysavath


Try IRC: #bitterharmony @ Quakenet


Thanks bro :slight_smile:


ZaviorX PM me your nickname on BH and ill activate your account. We are having some issues regarding registration ATM