Swedish Man Gets Disability Benefits For Heavy Metal Addiction

He gets lots of leniency…


Now that is a frigging hilarious diagnosis.





And the last one for Soviet.


We are fighting with power and steel
Fighting for Metal
Metal thats real!
Brothers of Metal will always be there
Standing together with hands in the air!

I’ve been handicapped for years!
My addiction to anime has caused me to lose thousands of dollars on things like Blu rays, dvds, art books, manga, posters, toys.
I am in a difficult position in labor market, because employers discriminate against people in t-shirts with little girls on them.
I have little free time, as I feel forced to watch cartoons all day.
I have trouble maintaining relationships because people think there is something wrong with wanting to marry an anime character.
Its not my fault I feel compelled to express my love. People should understand that.

<3 Azusa.

Thank you so much for sharing this story. It gives me courage in the fight against my own condition, and I hope that someday I’ll be in the headlines too…

That avatar… :coffee:

On-topic: this man is the rainbow in the dark.

Discrimination? Seems more like a hate crime to me. Sue them.

Haha! WTF? :rofl:

As a fan of 80’s style music also, that was pretty awesome.

Don’t listen to him, @deadfrog

I think your cherries avatar is very nice.

I thought it was some kind of rocket ship…or maybe a house on wheels.

Having bad taste in music is a disability?


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I assume this is a thinly-veiled metaphor for being a closet gay in a subculture that is overtly homophobic yet ironically charged with homoerotic undertones?

It’s Christmas holly! :angel:

I was close!

At least I’m not some kind of God damn pervert.


Bite your tongue.

Your ass better start dodging the fuck out of Texas.


I thought he was addicted to eating heavy metals…

Damn… I’ll admit that I’m a little disappointed…

They actually have a similar program for rap fans in the U.S.


Its called jail. Fuck all of you! :rock: