Sweep after crouch jab on Rog and Guile




Not that practical but kind of neat.


thats good… i havent seen that before


The same thing allowing hk loops on tall char that dance during hitstun with a poor hand laying far forward.
Great find.


The cr.lp is hitting meaty on the 2nd active frame and the frame advantage will be +6 instead of +5, so it would be possible to link a sweep after it.

Such things are way too hitbox and space specific though so they’re not worth it for the most part. IIRC cr.mp x 3 > sweep works on Honda lol


For sure I can’t do cr.mp x3, sweep on Honda. You are sure you saw that somewhere ?
I could do some cr.lp , sweep on Balrog but the timing while not as hard as I though is about the same level at Hk loop. I could do a 5 hits loop with 2 hk on Balrog btw, I’m so godlike…


I’m not 100% sure it’s been a long time since I saw that combo video, I just remember crouching Honda having a ridiculous hurtbox, even FOUR crouching strongs would combo on him if you did a deep jump-in attack, maybe try the sweep after the 4th cr.mp while he’s in the corner and see if you’ll still be within range to connect the sweep lol?


I remember a 3 x cr.mp xx fireball FA crumple on him by Desk I suppose.


noice. I love how there’s always something new to see with akuma. this seems like it could be very practical tbh. at least on those 2 opponents