Sweep! An intereresting way to use it!



Let’s talk about sweep (db + hk, not the slide).
I bet no one has ever used it. Me too lol.

Some info:

  • Startup: 12f (really horrible!!!)
  • Recovery on block: -5f (this is good, comparing to other sweep)
  • Range: really poor
  • Hitbox: the worst I’ve ever seen!
  • Damage: 100 (really good)

So why use it?
Because if you score knockdown, you can teleport to the other side for free, and SAFE. Of course you’ll be close to your opponent, but with a few frame advantage.

An important thing: you need to use LIAT teleport (f,d,df,f,uf+PPP) to be safe. Normal teleport is unsafe.

When use sweep?

  • in the corner with some risk. The reward is to get a free escape.
  • after a FA lv.2: then use back dash, slide mk (instead of forward dash) and use sweep. It does 150 damage adn it’s the best follow-up after a FA lv.2 It doesn’t work at FA full range, but in the corner it does.
  • to punish a whiffed shoryuken (especially the lp version) if it’s out of throw range.
  • NEW: After blocking a Rufus messiah kick, FA lv.2 the followup. You’ll get a crumple against low kick and overhead kick. Then take a step, use the sweep and teleport.

Here’s a video: [media=youtube]uQm3SGDQkDM[/media]

Feel free to suggest any other way to use it.


After reading everything you wrote I feel bad because I use it not infrequently…

  • I’m not 100% sure on this but I’ve been able to reliably sweep Bison after blocking his (close) u2 attempt.
  • If I somehow end up within sweep range while crouching when Gief does his lariat i prefer a sweep to a slide. I can knock him down and not also have to get closer to him.

I’ll keep thinking about this thread as I play and return to post updates if I notice something else.


I generally don’t block Bison’s U2 at all, except if I’m on the ground. I usually jump back and try to U2 him.

Vs Gief: generally if PPP lariat whiffs, opponent has the tendency to hold back and move away during it. So it’s very difficult to punish with a sweep.

Updated the first post with a new entry.


I have to admit it’s a pretty much forgotten move in my arsenal, I wasn’t aware you could teleport to the other side safely after getting a knockdown with it :slight_smile: Good thread, gore.


Sometimes you have to block bison’s u2 for whatever reason. Isn’t focusing messiah kick followup incredibly dangerous due to the armor breaking properties on a followup option? So dangerous that you just wouldn’t do it?


is there a followup option that breaks focus? Which is it?
I know that Galactic Tornato is armor breaking…


I’ve had the lk followup break my focus a few times.
It usually doesn’t always happen, but you know…this game…

Sometimes I like to sweep right before U1 hits. Then they have to guess which way to block on wakeup as U1 hovers over. Doesn’t seem practical but it’s fun :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s gotta be a counter hit thing.


It will break if it was a reversal, as all reversals break armor


Yeah, but it’s a followup, so how can it be done in reversal?


I think it might be based on whether or not the messiah kick was a reversal.


This is correct. When a special move is a reversal, all the hits gain armor break ability.


Sweep also works against Rufus if he goes for a far jump in jumping HP. It will trip guard him for an untechable knock down.


i usually use the slide version
its very useful against hadoken’s ,it goes under fireballs and it has good range
i dont usually use the db +HK ,
but i say it again slide HK is very useful against fireballs , and on reaction :smiley: (Dont even think of doing it on Guile’s Sonic Boom)


If you hit a sweep, you can Yoga Catastrophe, then teleport (and the teleport is a guessing game of which way you’ll appear, so they won’t know which way to block the U1).

  1. If they’re hit by the fireball, just knee the guy a couple of times. Or Super if there’s meter.

  2. If they’re not hit, begin a SECOND guessing game of air attack or low attack or tick throw.

That’s how I like to use it, at least.