Sweep Throw 101

Sweep Throw
Damage: 170
Frame Data: 10 start-up, 2 active, 30 recovery
Attack Type: throw standing opponents
Advantage: full screen hard knockdown

Why It’s Good
-It’s not blockable, if the opponent is standing and within range when active frames occur, they will be grabbed.
-It does not trade, it simply wins out when active frames are achieved.
-Asuka has some of the worst pokes in the game, with very little in the way of fast and safe mid-range command normals or special moves. Sweep Throw helps to fill this role.
-Doesn’t rely on your opponent to attack to serve a function.
-Successful Sweep Throws send the opponent across the screen, helping you to corner them, or allowing you to somewhat safely raw tag (don’t try if they roll).
-Trip Guard. Sweep Throw can grab landing frames of a jump in which the opponent used an attack, though it is not a low profile move, so use caution. It also catches jump start-up frames.
-Can catch most back-dashes as they recover.
-Damage. It isn’t quite a cancan combo, but it does the same damage as Attack Reversal, and much more than other specials.

Why It’s Bad
-It isn’t. You just need to get a feel for where it belongs in a match!

EX Sweep Throw
Starts up one frame slower, does 180 damage, projectile invincibility for 10 frames, grabs crouching opponents in addition to standing opponents. Be mindful that the projectile invincibility wears off before the first active frame!

:hp: Sweep Throw actually has pretty good range, and the properties are the same for the different button versions, so there is no reason to use anything but :hp: version, which has the best range. It reaches slightly further than her s.:hk:. Learn this range! If your opponent must walk at you in a typical footsies situation, it is very unlikely they will randomly crouch unless the upcoming poke is a crouching normal. If your opponent is very modest with button pressing during the neutral game, you can sometimes even dash up and Sweep Throw.

Match-Up Knowledge
Knowing which characters and players Sweep Throw will be effective on is a huge deal! I’m not up for going through all the characters, nor do I even know all the match-ups it’s effective in, but I will say that it’s worth paying attention to. Next time you’re watching a replay, a stream, or even fighting your own matches, you should ask yourself at several points whether or not a sweep throw would be effective at that point. Even if Asuka isn’t in the match, try to get a grasp on where it can work. If you’ve used Attack Reversal a few times, they should be cautious of throwing out limbs, making them prime victims for Sweep Throw whenever they are standing. If you’re worried about them crouching it, don’t be. There is no way to react to Sweep Throw, they can only guess. If they are poking you out of Sweep Throw, rollback to Attack Reversal mode. Asuka is all about conditioning her opposition, which will always improve your yomi success percentages. As for characters, a lot of time and effort must be spent assessing who to use this frequently on. I’ve found it difficult to utilize against Rolento for example, on the other end of the spectrum, Tekken characters with strong attack strings that start with stand normals, such as Kazuya, seem very scoopable to me! It takes time to sort it all out, and it’s something I’m definitely still working on myself, but if you’re not even trying to look for Sweep Throw opportunities in a match, you’re missing a sizeable portion of Asuka’s attack strategy and probably trying to figure out how she is supposed to compete in footsies.

Conditioning Tools
Attack Reversal:
An easy 170 damage and a hard knockdown, this special will make anyone with a brain question their button presses. This is a very desirable effect! Think of Attack Reversal and Sweep Throw as Yin and Yang, complimenting each other perfectly and maintaining some sort of balance.

EX Falling Rain:
Successful anti-air is important for reducing your opponent’s options and forcing them to fight on the ground, where Sweep Throw hunts for its prey.

Tsuwabuki Combo:
twd.:mp:, :lp:
This is an un-plinkable one frame link outside of counter-hit, but it is so worth learning! It will turn your 60 damage overhead into a 300+ damage cancan combo, or more of course if you want to burn some meter! EDIT: From somewhat further away, the overhead hits later and gives you more advantage, making this link much easier.

Thunder Fall Kick Combo:
twd.:hk: xx :mp:+:mk:
This is generally much easier to execute than a Tsuwa combo, but costs 1 bar for damage that varies depending on your partner. With Law I do 317 damage without using additional meter, which is not much more than the meterless Tsuwa combo, but the damage isn’t too important, as long as you’re over 300 or so, they will have to respect TFK. The start-up is also much slower.

Just be smart about it…

Hope this was of some help!!

Thanks bro, lots of stuff to think about in this thread.

This changed my mindset on how to approach Asuka. I was certainly one of those people wondering how does she compete in footsies.

Thanks man

I did not know it caught crouch on EX version. Goddamn she has such amazing EX moves. METER GEMS HERE I COME.

Props to FlyingVe for this knowledge, but you should mention that overhead from farther back is not a 1 frame link.

I did not know that, thanks for letting me know!

I also think it’s at least 2 frame link if they are crouching as I pretty sure crouchers incur one frame more hitstun and guardstun. I got my book today, so I will find out if I’m full of shit shortly.

Keep me posted!

I’m one of those guys who wasn’t really sure how to implement the sweep throw into my gameplay, so this is great stuff.

I was using th sweep today and honestly, it is a great footsie tool. it has good reach and is hard to react to. You just need to know the range.

Land her overhead two times on their wake up and its a great lock down tool. If they neutral jump on wake up, air grab. She definitely isn’t a team leader. She’s the tag in back up. She needs a good meter builder that can get in as well. When she is in the fun begins. Her strings give you so much time to hit confirm.

I’ll be totally honest, LegCutter is pretty much the same as sweep throw except it gives you frame advantage on block if you CADC and if it hits it leads to the full BnB for about 400.

That said, I’m working on some interesting stuff to exploit the fact that sweep throw has 2 active frames.

The fact its limited to grabbing only standing opponents is kinda…odd. Maybe it’s designed like Falling Rain, you’re only meant to use the EX version?

1 or 2 Leg Cutter hits before st. HK? Just curious which you’re using

I try to use leg cutter, but I either get poked out of it, or it gets blocked because of the start up.

It’s mainly a tool after you’ve conditioned you opponent or in a guaranteed mixup situation.

You should always do at least 2 Leg cutters, then you can confirm into lift kicks, or do the third and CADC for +2.

It’s a great tool for conditioning the opponent to crouch if you need them to.

except leg cutter is just as fast and safer and yields Asuka damage.

I just ordered my guide earlier today and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to look at frame data. I’ll keep it in mind, though.

Leg Cutter is basically just as fast as far as frame data, people seem to see it and block it in my experience though… Something with the start-up animation. Sweep Throw she lunges at them almost instantly after ambiguous start-up.

I figure since MK > c.MP is -1 on block, following it with a EX Sweep Throw might be a good idea to confuse opponents. You’re already left really close to them and it will throw both crouching and standing right? Or even MK > c.MP > CADC Oni EX Sweep Throw? I’m not saying cancel the c.MP into EX Sweep, just wait for the recovery to end then do it.

This doesn’t have to be limited to just MK > c.MP. You could likely do the same with jab jab EX Sweep.

I’ll throw this into the lab against a jab spamming opponent shortly, but does it seem like a good idea?