Sweet car thread


like the title said this is where you post up pics of the sweetest cars you have seen anything from old school muscle cars,lowriders,and new school tuner ricerockets such as this one (yes it is a chevy but in japan it is a toyota thus it has a toyota engine)


i love these cars not really diggin the color though i have the engine from a gsr teg in my 93 civic hatch


to spice it up only 400 of these cars were made and only 399 made it to the public the other one was used in the charlies angels full throttle movie


damn i guess im the only one on the entire imm forums that likies cars


it’s a custom…made from 3 different cars…don’t remember what, though…from an EBAY auction i saw…

i wanted it sooooo badly…but it was in Cali…:frowning:


suped-up supra… i think… :confused:
don’t remember…


they’re pretty and all…but…bah, i’ll stick to supra’s… :stuck_out_tongue:
(ok, only if it’s a GSX…)

my first car was an 89’ supra…i wanted to get a 97’ for my second, but “settled” for a 3000GT…and no, it ain’t the VR4…:frowning:
would’ve costed me even more of a small fortune…:bluu:


kingdom, your first car is basically an MR2 body with an FD3S Rx7 front end and a 3000gt wide body kit (HAH!)

the second one is just a real expensive body kit on a supra… saw it on import fan…

the third mistu is reallly riced out… the vents on the rear fenders scream rice…

Mercury cougar is ok, but it’s still a very shitty domestic…

hondaluva, tegs are better w/ the jdm one piece fronts :slight_smile: thats what im going to be rollin in soon

and the endo is umm… :confused: it looks like a bunch ferrari engineers smoked a whole lot of pot while mocking that thing up…


aights ilove this car it is one of my favorites i have seen any way here is one pic of it ill post another in about 4 min


here is the back of it


Damn…I’ve seen some ricey pieces of shit, but damn those cars are terrible, get some cars with some REAL power, my fuckin’ lug nuts require more torque then any of those cars can produce. Here’s a REAL car, get rid of the ricey, import shit. http://images.cardomain.com/member_images/10/web/190000-190999/190305_239_full.jpg


nice car man but torque isnt anything my ricey piece of shit honda hatch would smoke that shit off the line and dont go talking shit because you dont know what i have all i have to say is my car is very fast and i have smoked many a suped up muscle car with ease


Not an Import but this is the kind of cars that I’m into.


Right, well while you’re at it, why don’t you tell me what you are runnin’? Because I have a hard time believing some Honda could hand ANYTHING it’s ass. And by the time you DO get it that fast, you’ve spent so much, I could spend HALF of what you put in it into a domestic and get the same results. Honda is made for gas mileage, not racing.


fireboy dont beat on hondas just cause there are a billion riders out there… with enough cash a decent b16 could smoke most rides… maybe not a muscle car, but so what? and if your going to rag on ALL of honda and not just the civ’s then how about the NSX? is it too hard to believe that that uber car could hand your car its ass? how about a honda 2000?

bleh im not too into honda, so here is silvia conversion thats tight god… thats what i want to do to a 240 sx… btw, the rear end has a Supra conversion w/ lights :eek:


This is what i like most!
:lol: :lol:



this is what i like most.


back of it


Honda S2000 couldn’t hand anything it’s ass, NSX might be able to, nothing that has a V8 though, shit…I have a hard time believing it could hand a V6 it’s ass. Only import that is considered decent is probably a Toyota Supra (And that even is only considered fast under certain condictions.) Same goes for the RX7, but thanks to The Fast and Furious, I’m beginning to think other wise. :lol:


damn you dont know whit about hondas man you say a s2000 sucks good god you are dumb honda s2000’s run low 12’s stock man that is stock. i know youre saying well the quarter mile time is blah blah blah whatever man whoever came up with those numbers obviously didnt know how to drive. my dad was a pro NHRA driver in street class he tought me how to drive thus i can get a standard car to run above normal by perfect shifts. and horse power isnt everything. and since you want to know what im runnin im running a 1994 honda civic hatchback with a acura integra gsr DOHC vetec engine swap Honda racing performance 6spd tranny(same tranny that is in the fastest version of the s2000’s and NSX’s) full exaust system from the exaust manifold back , 4 wheel drive conversion stage three greddy turbo and nitrous express nitrous injected intercooler. i also have a zex nitrous injected intake msd ignition with bocsh platinum racing spark plugs and wires, racing coilever suspension from neuspeed neuspeed strut tower braces front and back, i also have gutted the interior i have two sparco racing seats with 5 point racing harness i have no backseat i have carbon fibered everything that was plastic(so pretty much the entire dash) i have racing triple plate clutches from HKS USA i also have a carbon fiber hood carbon fiber ground effects carbon fiber spoiler(adjustable so it actually serves a purpose) carbon fiber front lip spoiler, nitto street slick race tires (street legal) 14 inch lightweight alloy rims (weigh about 12 lbs each), and a direct port nitrous injection system that produces a 125 shot of nitrous. my heads are also port and polished i have a racing computer system taht increases the fuel to air ratio and etc. i have a displacement increas that raises it from 1.8 liters to 2.0 liters. that is about all i cant remember anything else i know i have more but i cant think of anything else. my car produces about 630 hp w/o the 125 shot of ni but i cant remember the torque. now i know you are not going to believe a damn word i say so i probably just wasted 10 min. typin for no fuckin reason. but if you ever come to corpus christi tx. you pm me and ill meet you and we can throw down a race and ill prove it to you