Sweet Charspecific Combos

Urien-s.rh, ssb
Q-ex mgb, jab mgb, ssb MID SCREEN (courtesy of my boy sundu)
Makoto-s.rh, s.fp/mgb, corcscrew or rocket upper link combos.
Post em up.


Makoto and Yang: s. roundhouse -> forward Ducking Uppercut xx super

Q: EX MGB or c. roundhouse -> fierce Jet Uppercut -> s. strong x Fierce Jet Uppercut xx super (courtesy of Fujiwara – i also saw that jab MGB -> short SSB against Q from Fuji)

Elena: EX MGB or c. roundhouse -> fierce Jet Uppercut -> fierce Jet Uppercut xx super (courtesy of SlimX)

Yun/Yang: jab, strong, forward chain -> strong MGB -> Rocket Uppercut

Makoto: s. roundhouse -> fierce MGB -> Rolling Thunder (courtesy of SlimX)

Hugo: Get him stunned in the corner. Jump over him, J.FP > S.RH >LK SSB XX SA1 = BIG DAMAGE!

I’m not sure if this is a Chun only combo but I’ve done it on Chun although it probably works on all midscreen sweep x2 chars, lol. s.rh, ex MGB, midscreen sweep, 66 dash (sorry for the ggxx notation, but f, f would be gay), Fp DP/SA1 the SA1 is mainly for show, but it does look very cool lol.


the sweep -> dash -> fierce Jet Uppercut looks waaaaaaay better than just sweep -> forward Ducking Uppercut.

i find that a lot easier to perform on Elena though.

here’s a cool one i do all the time…

vs chun: mid screen c. rh, c. rh, if you see the extra high popup, dash, c. st. xx f. uppercut


that’s c. strong x fierce Jet? sweet! i gotta try that one!

VictoLy is the nuts!


Yeah I was killing the cpu chun with that combo lol. Does REALLY good damage too! I wanted to use this gay looking smilie too :encore: . :karate: Btw, this combo works on all 2x sweep chars e.g:Chun, Oro, Elena w/e…


s.rh, ex mgb, late jab mgb, c.rh, dash, st. strong, fierce uppercut

on most characters, save for Chun/Ken:

S.rh, c.strong xx duck under xx Super

the c.strong’s either a late cancel or a flat out link, but it should connect at nearly the last frame of their hit stun :smiley:


why won’t it work on Ken? it works on Ryu :karate:. is it just like how a crouching Akuma gets hit by Ryu’s c. forward -> short Tatsumaki and a crouching Ken doesn’t?

basically :\ I take it as being the “top tier whore” factor. I tried it on all the shotos, and the only one it didn’t work on was that sandy blonde son-of-a-bitch