Sweet Online Match! KoF XII

Just had a crazy match that I had to upload. Sweet awesome match down to the wire, and a great come back, check it out!


did u use a capture card to get your upload or is there an actual option within the game?

whoa check out that c.B c.B c.D cool stuff

I used my capture card. and thanks for the comments

Nice comeback. What system is this on and what kind of connection did it show before you joined the match?

Its on xbox 360, not sure what the connection was it, didn’t really pay attention, sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

crAx3 was awesome.

Forgive my noobieness but what is that? :sweat:

It should be against the law to post crappy match videos. Especially when there’s a friggin kof xii videos thread.

Yeah, that match was …

Some of you are so helpful, no wonder KOF games pull in the big numbers at tournies. . . oh wait.

Why is that everybody is hating on this dude because of his gaming abilities? the dude just posted up a video that proved that the online isn’t as bad as we all assumed…

The fact that the dude took time to tape this ish is worthy enough. Keep practicing. These peeps act like they’re all amazing:rolleyes:

Wow, Xbox 360 online looks smooth…
And we’re stuck with PS3 that can’t even get to 58 FPS for 2 seconds…


But lol spam those jabs baby!

Yeah I’m new to the game, I just thought some people who don’t have the game yet would want to see how it looks and what better way than to post a very close match?

Anyways yeah I suck, I decent with Joe, the only reason I spammed Jabs at the end is because I had no health and it was working because this guy wouldn’t defend against it and I wanted to win.

you did good dude

You are the best around. But no really, online didn’t look so bad. I need to get on this quick.

Thanks for all the positive comments guys! And if you have KoF XII or are planning on getting it, add me! I’m always down for some fun!

^ Getting PS3 by any chance?
You should occupy you’re fans! haha

Please refrain from posting every video you make or find in a brand new thread, and instead use the existing ‘video’ thread for these. You have been warned, have a nice day.

The existing video thread is a STICKY thread, in case you somehow missed it.