Sweet tippietoe and sfmc....the same?!?


who here thinks all three are the same?
at least 2 are the same?
all three are different?


this thread, and the art seems too close.
sweet seems too chill in it.


if they’re not the same they at least know each other.



haha i love this shit. i know sfmc now, and met him here and I have talked to him a couple of time over email. and I’ve been trying to get him to work on some stuff with me so i would say i know him. as far as the other guy his work does kinda look like sfmc’s but im not convinced since the drawing isnt as solid as sfmc but the coloring is simular. and whats the point of this thread again?


There is no way I am any of these guys. Sweet, yeah I talked to him over email and played a couple games over xbox live. I am not him just go look at his style and look at mine. He can’t spell and has grammer error. So watch out for that.

As for tippietoe. He sent me a pm asking me to help him with his comic. So I know for sure he’s not me. I deleted my pm box so that leaves me with no proof cause it was a month ago. What if we are? Are you guys going to flame me or dislike me? All in all I am not any of these guys. Peace.


heel no dude. you rock. i wouldn’t flame you at all bro.
if anything i was wondering if it was you playing 3 personas, to bring life back to these forums. cause this shit DIED a couple months ago, but has been coming back strong.

i remember when the top posters were

digital ninja
jengo fett


hey sfmc if we’re the same person can i have my money back?


this is stoopid. and i was a top poster back then, my art sucked but thats beyond the point.

infact i was here b4 any of you.


lol ive been browsing tis site every now and then…sweet always stick to smfc’s butt .oh well whatever…if smfc likes to switch users for his leisure time…lol

o yeah sweet nice avatar u stole from some other user. adding clown marks sure makes it different! goodness, i’m glad i always thought u were some lame poser on the internet, or should i say sfmc.

i could care less bout tippietoe.