Swiss-Army Fighter


To try and stop myself from being a ‘jack of all trades’ kind of player (where I know a whole bunch of characters but nothing too specific about them), I want to try and narrow down my character knowledge. And I thought I’d ask more knowledgeable players this:

Who is a character with a large set of tools/lots of utility?

I am enjoying Juri in Ultra, because of just how much she can do and what she’s capable of. Especially in U1. I know Akuma is in that camp of versatility, but I can’t ever be comfortable with him given his lack of health or stamina. I wanted to hopefully get a bigger list of suggestions, and maybe hear some characters I may not have seen as utility-based or having a wide variety of tools.


While i am new, Ive noticed that El Fuerte has a great deal of versatility. At first it seems like all you are doing is running but there is a lot to be utilized in his wall jumps and dodging, and his normals seem very diverse. I plan on playing him some more at some point. There is also constant movement with him, which is pretty fun.


LOL, don’t pick Elf. He can’t zone, he can barely AA and his footsies is horrible and unconventional at best.

Akuma has a ton of tools, play him. If you don’t like the rushdown style then try someone like Ryu, E Ryu or maybe even Rose.