Switch Glitch Strats

Inspired by a thread over in fighting game discussion. Here post shit you know about char switch glitches.

-c.lp: BEATS switch glitched Mag c.lk. I don’t give a damn about 3 frames to 1 frame, for whatever reason, it beats it. Whatever Mags does in the beginning of the match, is nullified by Cables SG (switch glitched) c.lp. If Magneto c.lk, he’ll get hit and eat a ahvb, if he tries to jump up (and tri jump or dash to other side and assist) he’ll get hit and eat ahvb. At MOST Mag can just block or do his own c.lp (which trade hits.) Also cause of this Cables c.lp should beat out a lot of other moves. This puts Cable at an advantage, however small it may be.
-df+hp: Launcher. Best against Sentinel. You hit Sent, whether you launched him or not just super jump (be sure to block too if he calls an anti air). Not sure if it’ll hit if he backdashes at start, but any other move he tries it works, gives you a free hit in the beginning, and lets you avoid eating a 45% combo early on.

-Backdash: Obvious. Back dash to avoid initial attacks. If they jump and attack they’ll whiff and should eat a hsf.
-S.lk: Only do this if you know they’re going to jump or if they’ll hit you with an attack that recovers too slow after super armor. Follow with rp->hsf or air combo.
-s.hk: If someone is just going to s.lp you (to knock you out of the air real quick if you attempt to jump) s.hk should beat it (mainly Cable). Not to good against Magneto cause he can just c.hk afterwards

-c.lk: Beats a lot of things. Loses to some. All in all in the top tier SG c.lk beats most of the things the big 4 have. Most people just block, which is good for you cause you get into the mind games. I like to c.lk then wait. If it hits, c.lk->psy. If it doesn’t. Pause and throw out another c.lk (not chained c.mk). People like to let go of down block if you do a c.lk and nothing else (maybe to block a tri jump) so thats why it works.
-c.lp: Trades with Cable c.lp.
s.lp: Mostly for Sent, will hit him if he jumps (and doesn’t block). Some Sent’s take the s.lp in the beginning to get unfly right away. If you see this s.lp->s.hk->snapback or combo.
-c.hp: I use this against Magneto. Magneto’s like to do tricky jump crossovers and tri jumps in the beginning. If they do do that then you get free combo.
Foward Dash: Against Sent if he back dashes. Just dash foward and c.lk->c.lk->psy->snap back. Gotta make sure you do it early enough not to get hit by super or assist. If you catch him and assist that early on, great.

I never found anything useful for her. So for now just block.


When it comes down to it. It’s hella mind games in the beginning of the match. Especially Mag vs Mag. If you think he’s going to c.lk you’ll tri jump on him. If he thinks you’re going to tri jump on him he’s going to c.hp. Etc etc.

Storm’s backdash is a good glitch opener. It evades any attack short of Mags’ low short/MegaMan’s light attacks.

On that note, MegaMan should always glitch with s.short. Go into short, fierce uppercut if it hits, or low short, slide, tornado hold (with assist) if blocked.

ive tried many times but i dont think cables c.lp will beat mag’s c.lk, i always win that and when it happens, i get a free snapback

I’ve always wondered what the fuck everyone is talkin about when they say cable wins the opener.

He doesn’t…

edit, storms c.lp, comboes into her c.fp vs jumpers

lets you start off with a whole nasty set of stuff as alternates.

With cable vs jumpers, c.lp,s.mp+commando do air combo or whatever afterwards, the mp is fast enough to juggle mid-air.

everytime i tried switch glitched cable c.lp beat mag c.lk.

maybe i have to try more.

I dunno about a concrete answer, i’ve seen both win, but always magneto more than cable.

RANDOM :devil:

Magneto c lk is a 1 frame opener. It should beat out EVERY single ground opener save other one frame ones like Megaman, in which case it should trade. HOWEVER, it should lose to jumping overheads off the start. Cable’s is 3 frames and should lose to magneto if he starts off with a glitched c lk. However, cable’s c lp, unlike magneto’s c lk, has hit boxes higher than ground level. So if some characters try jumping up off the start, Cable will hit them.

Should…yes, but wtf is with moves that have supposed advantages losing randomly at times…

dunno. each time that happens, i always passed it off as my opponent doin the wrong move or holding the stick in the wrong direction or something. I have accidentally done Cyke’s standing roundhouse when going for the command launcher on shitty sticks. :mad:

did some more testing at a lil session at my friends house.

switch glitched c.lp vs c.lk HOLDING the buttons down, I find Cable wins more. Someone hitting c.lk after it says fight, Magneto wins more.

ill try to do more testing.

I dunno how you’re testing it, but every time I test it, magnus wins 100% of the time vs cable no contest holding the buttons down. I think what it is is when you’re in a real match you start out tryin to look different and not show your opponent that you’re going for the obvious glitched mag c.lk and maybe hold the button too late or something so the buffer gets screwed.

Everytime I tested, 100%, the frame data was right. Cyke’s launcher traded with every 2 frame opener i.e. strider c.lp. cable’s c.lp. Beat every 3+ frame opener i.e. storm. and lost to magnus that’s it, didn’t bother with megaman/roll though.

Ok I’ll go ahead and confirm it. One time I was playin a friend who glitched in mag and I glitched cyke, and I won. He was like wtf and held lk pretty late while I held rh all the way. Next match I told him to hold down the button all the way and he beat me clean and every time after that he always beat me, there’s the end to the “randomness”.


no fuckin way thats the end of the “randomness”

i’m tellin you that this game makes up its own rules sometimes

What do you mean “holding all the way”? Is it even before the vs screen?

Randomness at the start of the match at least heh. By holding the button down I just mean like, instead of moving your hands around trying to be tricky so your opponent can’t see you’re being obvious, you have to be holding the button down like while it’s saying ready instead of just holding the button when it says fight.

nope nope sir, the game makes up it’s own rules at the beginning too…

lol, i swear the console version is glitchier then the arcade :rolleyes:

FWIW (as I found out to my shock yesterday thanks to a broken 1P start button…) you can switch glitch the taunt. Probably only useful if you use Sakura, Chun, or other person with a hitting taunt, but … it was an angle of the switch glitch I did not know about.

true that.
say mike, could i ask you something? At evo2k3 with your match against Kuan 3rd game, he switch glitches you on the dash back. But you still hit him with a jumping lk. Tell me, did you expect that to hit if he dashed back or did you just throw it into the air and planned to roll with whatever happened?

You can see mixup doing jump.lk in one of their previous match but it didn’t hit. The last game the jump.lk hit probably because they meet up in sentinel half of the screen. There is not much room for sentinel to dash back once the game started.

i thought of that… except i’ve whiffed strider’s glitched standing lp at past half screen distance and have also had times when it connected when sentinel has plenty of room. As mentioned before, this game does tend to make its own rules at times.