Switch-less USB selector for PS3+360 "Imp": Re-Design Underway, Input appreciated

I have a hitbox and was wondering if i can use the auto-detect feature on the IMPv2 with the ps3cthulu it came with. I see a “+” when I check on my pc but just wanted to make sure that was the same indicator I had to look for that was stated in the PDF file Toodles has for the IMPv2


I’m sure it is something I missed lol. I wired up the IMPv2 under the cthulu+ set up in my hitbox, I have control ps3 no problem but the 360 will not detect. I am thinking it is because I missed something to use the usb port on the cthulu? is there something extra I have to wire on the cthulu to use the usb port? sorry noob at this IMPv2.

Pictures would help a lot for people to assist in the troubleshooting.

You cannot use the Cthulhu USB Jack when you have Dual Mod with Imp v2.
The Imp v2 controls the USB Data Lines, so you have to use USB of the Imp v2.

USB Jack on Cthulhu is only for PC and PlayStation 3.
Only the USB Jack on ChImp SMD can be used for PC and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Since on a Hit Box, the USB Jack is the actual Cthulhu USB Jack, you have to do some tricks.
You have to cut the Trace for Data- and Data+ of the Cthulhu USB Jack.
You do not want it to connect to D and E on Cthulhu.

Since I use the first row for Imp v2, I cut Trace between Row 1 and Row 2.

You will then route all four points of the Cthulhu USB Jack to the Imp v2.
It will go to the Outgoing USB of the Imp v2.

Since I cut connection between Row 1 and Row 2, I can just use Row 2 or Row 3 D and E.
Those will be my Cthulhu USB Jack Data Lines I route to Imp v2.
It is cooler than soldering to the tiny USB Jack pins.

thank you JDM714. I think that is more than I can do. I am thinking you are talking about cutting the trace between row 1 and 2. now I use row 2 for the D E connection in the imp instructions and row 1 I use to outbound IMP usb? lol I might be over my head with this. If I mess up maybe you or BlindWithOneArm can fix? I will try first.

that is a name I have not heard in a long time…

Depends on how you soldered the Cthulhu to the Imp v2.

If you soldered from Row 1 to Imp v2.
Then you can cut Trace between Row 1 and Row 2.
And use Row 2 or Row 3 for D and E to Outgoing USB of Imp v2.

If you soldered from Row 2 to Imp v2.
Then you can cut Trace between Row 2 and Row 3.
And use Row 3 for D and E to Outgoing USB of Imp v2.

If you soldered from Row 3 to Imp v2.
Then you have to cut Trace between Row 3 and USB Jack.
And solder then the USB Jack pins to Outoing USB of Imp v2.

Also, you have to solder +5 and Ground of USB Jack to the Outgoing USB of Imp v2.

this one is easy…using row 2 for outbound like James said…

Possibly dumb question? Could you tie together VCC and GND for both boards by linking them together on the Imp v2 (VCC to V, G to A), or would that cause problems?

Im not sure I understand the question. All three of the different comfigurations in the pdf properly take care of the power and ground lines for the Imp and both USB boards. Tell me what you’re trying to do and I’ll help however I can.

Just something I was wondering, I’m not trying to do anything (maybe in a later build). But instead of linking ground and voltage on the two PCBs, from the PCBs themselves, could you instead just join the PCBs’ USB cables’ grounds and voltages on the Imp v2, or would that introduce adverse effects somehow?

That’s basically how it works. The outgoing USB connects to the IMP, and then ground and power go from the imp to the PCBs along with the data lines. You don’t join them together, but there are separate lines to power each PCB.

That’s exactly how it should be done. Check the bottom rows of the table in the imp2.pdf. There’s details of where the red and black USB wires of the 360 board should go. When using a Cthulhu, its a little different because you want to have the power go through one of the Cthulhu diodes for cleaning, but for the basic non-Cthulhu uses, the power and ground for both boards go to, and are connected by, the Imp.

Maybe it was something else, but when I was modding a stick earlier (PS3 TE, BrawlPad, and Imp v2), I wasn’t getting any activity from either PCB until I linked VCC and Ground together from the PCBs themselves (as per the golden rules of dualmodding). It didn’t seem like each console’s VCC and Ground are linked within the Imp v2 in order to do that golden rule step for you. I would have just linked the PCBs’ VCCs and Grounds with some small wires soldered to the Imp v2, but at that point I wanted to wrap up the mod and not possibly troubleshoot it further, so I went with what I knew.

Sounds like the solder jumpers werent set properly.
SJA: Connects ‘A’ point to GND.
SJB: Connects ‘B’ point to GND.
SJC: Connects USB Jack’s VCC (‘V’ point) to Imp VCC (‘VCC’ point).

If you follow the imp2.pdf, and short SJA and SJC, then connect the 360 VCC to Imp ‘V’, 360 GND to Imp ‘A’, PS3 VCC to Imp ‘VCC’, and PS3 GND to Imp’s ‘G’, then VCC for both boards would be connected together by the SJC solder jumper, and GND for both boards would have been connected by the SJA jumper.

Toodles does the MCthulhu work for both PS3 and 360?
Does it switch automatically or do you have to hold a button while you plug it in?

MC Cthulhu does not work for 360.

I had set those jumpers up, so it must have been some other element of my wiring. Thanks for your reply!

Toodles, I’ve been noticing something weird in the last few Dual Mods I did.
Imp v2 and Cthulhu+ Dual Mod.

Select + Start = Home works right on Cthulhu+ side.
But when Back + Start on Xbox 360 side, it is RT instead of Guide.

These four Imp v2 in the four Dual Mods, were from Joe.
He gave me four from the last batch he ordered.