Switch Street Fighter (USF2FC) Defaults

On a universal fight board, for te switch, what are the default button mappings?

It could be like PS1-4 With HK and HP on the right side and 3K and 3P on the left side

Then again it could be like the SNES. The SNES had HP and HK on opposite sides, maily becuase there were only 2 shoulder buttons.

Does he Switch follow the PS2 Street FIghter 15 standard? Heaves right, comnsumables left? Does t follow the SNES standard, Punches Left, Kick right?

What is the default mode in twin-Joycon mode? I know the single Joycon mode is like SNES.

So if I don’t need a universal board (If RJ 45 Cthulhu PS2 mode can be converted to Xbox 360, and Xbox One converters), I need to know how to map the Switch to standards.