Switch to stick but.....is this normal?

So, the common thing people say when switching to stick is something like “don’t expect to be able to throw a fireball for a couple months” etcetc…

Having played arcade SFvsCap about 10 years ago, i guess i still have some instincts, cause I can’t say i have huge execution problems. They are there but, hardly the 1st thing i complain about…

Basically, when i play using the stick, i find i just play badly, all of my instincts are distorted and most of the time i shamefully think the person on the otherside of the PSN network must think i’m remarkably stupid…Reflexes are bad, and i make such stupid mistakes that consistently lose me the match in such ugly ways…

Is it just me, or has this also been obvious to others who switched to stick?

You’re freaking yourself out. Calm down. =]

i know what you mean man i felt that way when i first used a stick but it comes with time.mech is right though just relax and you’ll start to develop your technique.honestly a stick i felt would never work.now it is the only way i will play this game.

Yes, it’s normal.

Check out the newbie stick guide and the execution sticky.

Read the sticky.

You suck because you’re not comfortable with it. Just like when you were first driving a car or riding a bike, you’re not comfortable right away.

practice makes perfect. pm sent.

muscle memory.

dont give up! It will be worth it!

Give it a little time shouldnt take too long. Took me about 2 weeks to get used to my stick after using a fightpad forever. I still have issues with DP’s in sfa3… there coming along but I wish I had lala’d the person who told me about shortcuts in sfiv…

I just got a stick too and are having same problems. I try to blame the stock se stick (sanwa should arrive 2moro). But I kno its prolly just me. We will soon find out.

it’s normal for everything to go tits up. you gotta retrain your reflexes from your thumbs, and thumbs are fucking smart. your wrists and fingers are faster though so it will eventually lead to faster reactions, so no worries

Yes its normal, give it time. Honestly it just clicks after a while and you will start noticing that your pulling of stuff you never did on a pad :karate:

best of luck

Post I made many months ago :blush:

[snip] I’m wondering if its the move from pad to stick that has me concentrating on the wrong things and losing to lame or scrub tactics.
Could anyone who switched to stick after years of using a pad share thier experiance?. I feel like Im concentrating on execution and timing with the stick rather than the basics that used to make up my game. [snip]

I should not take months.
When i first started using a stick it was weird at first but within the first couple of hours my quarter circle was already better.
I’ve only been using a stick for a couple of months but i can do pretty much everything but 720s when i don’t play cross handed
Just give it some time, not everyone can pick it up and be godlike

We should have a sticky here that simply says “Its okay we sucked when we first got our sticks too :)”

I’m really happy that I picked up a stick I don’t think I would have progressed as quickly if I had stuck to my pad.

Don’t mean to scare you, but yes, it was true lol…
Before on a keyboard I could throw hadoukens without a single hitch. I could also just as easily throw air Gou Hadou’s…now I can barely throw regular hadoukens and it takes me far too many tries to throw an air Gou Hadou…

But I’ve only been playing maybe 20 hours with my stick. I’ll get better soon :slight_smile:

Oo got my sanwa installed and my motions dramatically improved. It was much needed bein el fuerte is my main. If u have stock se stick I highly recommend the upgrade.

You have to stick with it (GET IT? HERP DERP), it really is worth it. I remember when I first got one I was seriously dissapointed; even moving my character how I wanted was difficult and basically everything I could do in SF2 had to be relearned to a certain extent. But if you practice, you will start to get it and you will start to love it.