Switches vs. Routers

Hi all,

At home right now, I have the current network set up:

ISP --> Modem --> Router --> Cascaded Router --> console

Now, while I know that’s ideal to just have the one router in my set up, I don’t have enough ports for the other stuff I have at home. I’ve been thinking whether to swap out the router for a switch. Would this result in a improved performance of my console online gaming? I know switches simply forward the incoming packets while routers, I think, might introduce additional lag. I can’t be entirely sure. The internets doesn’t provide me with a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance =)

Edit: Got my answer.

If possible, use the LAN ports of your second router.

In other words:

ISP --> modem --> Router --> Cascaded Router (LAN port, NOT WAN port) --> console. This is assuming that your second router allows to be cascaded in this fashion, which shouldn’t be an issue for new(er) routers. Otherwise, you will have 2 LANS internally which is pointless and would introduce additional lag (network latency > switching latency).

Having a second router basically means thar your console is in a separate second LAN inside of another LAN (unless it’s only acting as a bridge).

Right, I basically have the cascaded router to act as a switch, but in the process, my console will be under it (cascaded router’s) network.

Had I switched the router for a switch, would there be any benefit? Or would it essentially be the same in terms of speed? As I’ve said, I know switches basically look up it’s routing tables and forwards the packet. When it comes to routers, I want to know if there’s any additional overhead that would degrade the performance of my online gaming.

In short I doubt it would make any difference.

I wouldn’t say that it wouldn’t make a difference. It depends on how finicky you are with your online gaming. To the average gamer, slight lag might be okay. However, for the more dedicated player, if you’re going to get 1ms less lag using the switch as opposed to the router, then that’s already 1 ms closer to having your game run closer to offline. Though, as always, online gaming would never be the same as offline.

Either way, I wouldn’t be pleased with sub-par online performance when I know it could be better simply by changing the set up of your network (in this case, use different ports on your router). Otherwise, what’s the point in opting for a better connection?

The bottleneck regardless of wether you choose a router or a switch is the internetz.
What I’m saying is that the moment your srk input signal leaves your house it’s not
gonna matter how fast either device is because the internet connection you have is
at least 10 - 100 times slower than what your router or switch is capable of doing
inside your house. I’ll give someone 4 internet dollars if they can prove there is a
realistic measurable difference in this scenario.

Pretty much the point, which was why I said in short. Your router/switch… hey you can even have a hub if you wish. It’s all gonna be 100mb (at a guess) which far exceeds your internet speeds and is nowhere near the bottle neck. Unless one of those is faulty, it’s gonna make no difference, you’re better off getting a new internet service with a much higher upload to greatly benefit online gaming than anything else as this is the most important part.