Switching Characters After Many Years

After years of being a devout Ken/Ryu/Gief/Thawk player I’ve recently switched allegiances. I was messing around in arcade mode of all things and started playing with Fei Long. I had never realized just how powerful of a character he was until now.

So what I guess I’m mostly wondering is if anyone has advice for getting used to a new char after many years of playing with the same characters? So far I’ve found it both refreshing and frustrationg at the same time because I’m being caught vlnerabe in situations where I am not used to being so, and reacting with the wrong motions for what move I intend.

Thanks, and share you experiences if you’ve been here before me!

Play the shit out of the character so the motions and pokes become second-nature. Against other players, dummy 2P, CPU, whatever, but do not switch back to your other mains for a couple of months.

Try to play against dudes who main characters you’re comfortable to play against. It’s important to have a good feeling at the beginning. From my experience, as a sim player, I tried to play chun seriously, and liked Honda and ryu matches. Then you start to discover new things than can sometimes be applied in other matches, like keys for matches you don’t like/know yet.

Thanks a lot for the advice guys. Oldschool, it can be tough to stick to a new fighter when things aren’t going your way, but I think you’re absolutely right in you assertion of this being the way to go.

Wolmar, thats a good point you brings up as well. Having comfortable matchups is a great way to train because you don’t stress out as much about missed inputs and poor timing.

I’ll be taking this advice and push my Fei Long as far as I can go!

Playing with Fei Long, you kinda got to have a philosophical state of mind. I tried switching it up to ryu/guile/sagat but I only learned what use to against them with Fei, idk some ppl can play every character but to me I can only take away other character play style against them instead of using it with that character. But everybody is different, learning a new character is good for anyone especially if ur good against certain match ups with ur old characters and try it against ur new character.