Switching Controls


I’ve recently gotten SSFIV for the PS3, now I have had it on Xbox since release(I live in two houses, my moms has the xbox and my dads has the PS3, I’m at each house half the time) so I’m not exactly new to the game. I know the basics, combos, and I played it regularly.

Since I’ve gotten the PS3 though, my skill is terrible, I can’t get off basic combos, I play as if I picked it up yesterday. It’s these controllers. The Analog stick is just killing me, specifically when doing stuff like quarter rotations to the left, zigzag moves(like shoryuken) and pretty much all the charge characters.

I’m asking if anyone has gone through this before? where they took one controller and switched to the other. Getting used to it doesn’t seem to be working for me, I’ve been playing for the last few days and it hasn’t changed much. The whole thing just seems really uncomfortable playing. Is there any techniques that might help out?

Also, if you could tell me if the pad to stick transition is any different. I may be getting one of those soon.

Thanks in advance

Most pad players swear by the certain pad they use because it’s what you’re used to.

If you switch to a different controller you can expect to not be comfortable use it. Pad to Pad can be hard. Pad to stick is definitely a process and even going from one type of stick to another can be a chore (American to Japanese stick for example).

As far as how to improve your execution or more stick information: read the stickies.

wow, didn’t expect to get a reply so soon. Thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to take a look at the stickies.