Switching Fight Stick Grip


Hey all, so I’ve been playing ssf4 for about a month and a half now give or take and I’ve been experimenting with how to hold my ball top. I started off with my thumb and index finger primarily and then started holding it like a wine glass when I started getting more comfortable with the game. Now I’ve been practicing in training mode quite a bit and noticed that my execution is better on the right side if I use my thumb and index finger, however, the wine glass method proves to be better on the left side. That being said, I’ve been switching my fight stick grips whenever I switch sides, but I feel as if this may be a start of a bad habit, so I was wondering what’s your take on this situation?


Use only a grip that is comfortable. My grip is probably unorthodox compared to most grips, but it’s what I find comfortable and I have stuck with it.


I constantly change my grip depending on position, moves I’m trying to execute, etc. I tried a bat top for a while but it never really felt right.


I change it up depending on what I’m doing. In 3S, I tap single directions frequently, so I use 3 fingers only. In Super Turbo, I need fast quarter circles, so I use the “douchebag” grip.