Switching from 8 buttons to 6 buttons

I have been thinking about this for awhile switching from a eight button layout to a six button. In sf4 , tekken, blazeblue, it’s not like I use them. But i am wondering how only having 6 buttons effects other fighting games. Is it going to be all glitchy because it’s looking for these buttons. Will it not autodect it’s a arcade stick? I would like some people that have the 6 -botton layout they’re opinions.

The game will not care that you’re “missing” buttons. Street Fighter is actually designed for 6 buttons, and arcade sticks only include 8 so that you can choose between the left 6 (American arced arcade style) or right 6 (Japanese straight across arcade style). Some people take advantage of the extra buttons to add macros, but that is optional.

The game will not detect that you’re using a stick, nor will it care. People have played fighting games with DDR pads and Bopits for fucks sake.

No, Basically all you’re doing/all you need to do is to unplug the quick disconnects off the last two buttons (assuming se/te madcatz) from the controller and plug the holes up with hole covers (or six button plexi from arthong). SF4 has those last two buttons defaulted to 3p/3k. Tekken doesn’t even use any of the buttons past the first 4, and blazblue uses only 4 buttons as well (first bottom button, and the top 3).

Removing the last two buttons doesn’t do anything but decrease functionality through game menus (which can be accessed using a pad anyways if necessary). It’s nothing game breaking.

If you want to remove the first two buttons to keep a straight button layout, then that’s another thing. You will have to re-arrange some circuitry, but nothing difficult.

Uh, what?
First off, the Japanese style is the arched style, and the American style is straight across. Secondly, this only applies to a Vewlex layout stick that uses eight buttons, most notably the Madcatz TE. Other button layouts don’t aren’t arranged in this way. The only reason the retail sticks include these buttons is because they have to include all the basic controls that the system allows, IE all the buttons on the stock pad. You are right in saying that you don’t need the extra two buttons as there aren’t any games (yet) that use them, or probably will ever use em. The most likely usage besides combination functions that will be used from these buttons (Which are normally equivalent to trigger buttons) are certain menu scrolling features.

You need the triggers to make an unhappy face to let the other guy know you are not pleased waiting for him to hit the ready button in the lobby.

Honestly I would suggest you keep the 2 buttons there. You’ll never know if you need it for another game in the future. Just start practicing the habit of not using them. I used to heavily rely on the extra 2 buttons on SF4 for EX and Ultra but I knew it would be my downfall if I keep doing that and eventually I don’t even touch them anymore. You’ll get use to pressing 2/3 buttons eventually. Just tell yourself to stop using the other 2 buttons.

6 buttons are they way to go. I modded my SE and removed the two far right buttons. After a few days I realized they serve functions in menus for navigation so I drilled two holes on the right side of my SE and placed them there. You can’t see the buttons in any of my pics but they are there trust me. I changed the stock artwork with Cammy artwork and used a thick laminate and spray adhesive to adhere it to the SE metal plate, so you can’t even tell there are two holes there. The extra buttons are unnecessary so I say move them out of the way. You could even move them and use smaller buttons if you choose so…

cammy stick




It’s not like he’s destroying the PCB so he can’t ever reinstall those two buttons :rofl:

Just do what gl0ry said. I would also wrap some tape around each of the quick disconnects so the metal ends don’t touch each other or the bottom plate, otherwise you may get random button presses at unwanted times.

I love my TE, and I used it with the stock, plain ol’ regular 8-button layout for months before realizing, “I never use these two buttons…” About that time, I was going to get custom art and all that fun stuff, so I decided to go 6-button.

Now every stick I own save my SFAC stick is 6-button. And I plan to make the SFAC stick a 6-button too. It just seems more clean and practical to me.

Sometimes those two buttons are useful in other applications. I personally used it to play DFO, which is a MMO. If you only use your joystick to play fighting games, then I don’t see any reason to have them as of now.

I’ve never known of ANY fighting game that makes use of eight buttons!

If anything, Capcom’s fighting games are the exception to the rule… Most fighting games use only 4 buttons (every SNK game I’ve ever played, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Super Gem Fighter, Tekken and Soul Calibur series) and a few like VF only use 3…

The only reasons to keep eight buttons are for flexibility – different players like a different layout – and to assign the “unused” buttons special moves or shortcuts to make moves easier for novices.


No. It’s up to you whether you want them or not, especially if you might use the stick to play XBLA/PSN games since some of those games require them.