Switching from Pad to Stick.

I recently bought an Arcade Stick. The Hori FightingStick V3 to be exact.

Got it last weekend and I been playing KoF13. Now while I used to play pad I was at least above average. I could pull the more “complex and advance” combos on SF4, MvC3,BB:CS and KoF98/00/02.

Now with the stick I struggle to continiusly pull QCF+p and pulling dragon punches in a combo is nearly impossible for me. I can’t really pull any combos and even moving gives me lots of trouble. Now I don’t mind losing, since it’s all I been doing since I got the stick, but I would like to get at least above the noob level.

So any tips on getting better with the stick? Can’t pull any of the more complicated moves (HCF/B x2) and such.

Yeah practice. Seriously though go into training mode and just practice motions until you can hit like teen in a row without fail.

look up videos on how to hold your stick.

Practice it is I guess.

It took me 3 months to get to my prior level and all the new muscle memory. Don’t expect fast results.

I know your pain. I could pull of decent moves on a PS3 pad, and after I switched to stick, It was ugly. But now after 6 months I can’t go back. if you play SF4 just look up the shortcuts. makes a big dif.

I am a Super Turbo Player and i have to say something about this.
Sticks works better for some people, pad works better for other… is not a rule that fighting games players can reach top levels only on sitck, you have, Hadouken696969(9th place on evo 2009), Hado-King, RenoMD, stunning and awesome pad players, even DGV confessed that he is much better on pad than on arcade stick.

In my case… i decided to switch to stick about a year ago, i’ve been WASTING my time on training mode and online games for many, many, many hours for over a year, in order to have my reversals back(reversals are very strict on SSFIIT), understanding of stick mechanics, develop muscle memory, recover my footsies, execution, performance in general, what i always wanted is to have my clever ken back.

I used to have a decent performance against top-notch players in my pad days. With pad i’m an above average player, on the contrary with stick despite all this time, i still suck.

What i discovered on stick is that i’m pretty decent with Zangief and T.Hawk than my real characters that i’m used to play with(i.e Ken, Deejay, Honda and Fei Long).

Some people says “with practice you will be better and you’ll reach a higher performance on stick than pad”, i have to say, BULLSHIT, that works great for some people, for others DON’T, with pad i’m a 10,000 times better with, accuracy, timing, offense, defense, footsies, execution, strings, super cancels and renda cancels.

My advice is simple, give a stick a try for a couple of months, watch video tutorials, documentation, get advices from experienced players, if you don’t feel confortable and you don’t feel that your execution comes out naturally after that time, return to pad!, don’t listen to the crowd, listen to yourself.

Philcito has stated the truth. Also, give other kinds of gates (round, octo) a try. In addition to it, know that joysticks were made for arcade cabinets, which are very heavy. Moving the joystick on a cab does nothing on the cab itself, while if you play with a home stick on your lap, it will move, and this makes a lot of difference, even if the stick is not precise.

If you fail, get back to pad.