Switching from Tekken to Street Fighter?

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been a lurker on this website for awhile now and properly joined just yesterday. I recently got interested into fighting games and wanted to take them more seriously then just being a casual fighting gamer. The only fighting game that I’ve ever properly played in my life was the Tekken series (been playing ever since i was 7 :] ). I think I do know the basics to fighting games but only by sense, and don’t really know their technical details like frame datas, names to kicks/punches/moves, and other details that I probably don’t even know exist.

What I’m now interested in is to switch to Xbox from PS3, and get into Street Fighter. I’ve only tried SSF4 a few times before as one of my friends was into it. The more I read about the depth and detail of fighting games, the more I want to get better.

I’ve never played a fighting game on a competitive level before, so I’m now looking for tips on how to switch to the Street Fighter series from being a Tekken player my whole life and possibly start on a arcade stick before I get too used to the Xbox pad.


it’s not easy. you’re gonna have to learn a whole new game. there’s alot you have to learn and too much for me to type so you’re best off going into a street fighter 101 thread. sorry.

how good were you at tekken?

Dhalsim when he was tutoring Ryu (SFII);

“The more you have trained, the more there may be to un-train,
The more you have learned, the more there may be to un-learn,
Until you have learned the folly of fighting with rage in your fists,
And given up winning as your ultimate and only goal,
Your mind will remain clouded and open to attack.”

I think I was sort of above average at it, like I could beat everyone I knew in real life multiplayer games, but online I would have a few losses compared to wins. But to be fair, I didn’t play online that much, so I can’t really answer your question adequately. :frowning:

Just some general stuff then:

Breaking throws in 2D are usually done by reading and not on reaction compared to tekken.
Movement is much more limited so be on point on your spacing
blocking low is the norm instead of stand blocking
while jumping is a new avenue of getting in, try not to abuse it
Play 3s it’s a good game