Switching from US 6 button layout to Japanese 8 button layout


I’ve played SF since the very beginning back in 1991 and I am use to the standard 6 buttons that are all in the same line. I even bought an Arcade in the box stick a few years ago and I ordered the button config that way. Well, I just got a MvC3 Madcatz stick and this new layout is messing me up. I’m sure eventually I will get use to it. Curious as to if anyone else has had this issue.



well i went from pad to stick so your transition should be much easier. i wouldn’t worry about it.


Japanese layout is actually 6 buttons. If you want to use an American-ish style layout, use the last 6 buttons instead of the first 6.


There is no actual 8 button layout in arcades. It only exists for arcade sticks so that you can access all the main buttons easily.

The Taito and Astrocade layout however, are curved Japanese layouts used in arcades. That layout makes sense since it conforms to your fingers.


Thanks for the input guys.

Yeah, I know it is suppose to conform to your fingers, but after 20 years of not doing it like that, just having those 2 buttons moved down a little is taking a while to get use to. I keep missing the button a little and it messes up my combos. I just need to keep practicing. I guess I could try that suggestion of just moving the buttons on the right that are not curved.


I’m guessing you didn’t use your thumb to hit buttons playing previously. When I first started playing on ergonomically laid out buttons I trained myself to use my thumb on the short button. You won’t have to worry about misplacing your index finger from going back and forth from jab and short. It took me a week or two for it to settle in.

It really helps with doing throws/techs plus you are now ready to hit four buttons at any time instead of three.


for me it’s pretty much 5 buttons at “any” time actually

thumb for short index for jab middle for strong 4th for fierce and pinky for rh.

I sometimes substiture pinky for ring finger I use my pinky only when there’s a real surprise and I need to hit that button to respond…or i have to do the “taunt” combination (H with assist2) (certain plinks and OS’s etc…) and I can switch between the top and bottom rows really fast for the last two buttons without taking my fingers off jab and short. I don’t have to even think about it it just feels natural

and it might as well be “6” buttons at anytime because of how natural it feels. You should get used to it in no time…


Right, I mean, you can just as easily move all the buttons over and put the two on the far left as “no action” or whatever. I think its great how MadCatz set it up, so you can use either/or when it comes to American/Japanese style layout.


Use the last 6 buttons then.


Yeah, you guys are right, I never use my thumb. I move my finger down to that button.


most of the reasoning behind having all 8 buttons is to allow flexibility in button layout
the rest of it is that there are games that require use of the 2 buttons the last generation of sticks used to leave out(particularly netplay commands)