Switching Mains from game to game

Right now I play SFV and it’s the only Street Fighter game I’ve played. I plan on picking up USF4 and playing both games. In sfv, I main Chun Li. She fits me really well, and I plan on maining her for the rest of my sfv career. I’m worried that if I main her in usf4, the differences that she has in that game will negatively affect how I play her in Sfv. Should I just risk it and play her in both games, or should I just choose a new usf4 specific main? Same question stands for Cammy

You’ll figure it out while playing. Committal to a character is noble and loyal and all, but ultimately worthless if it doesn’t produce the results you want. USFIV is vastly different to SFV, so consider that when picking a main.

You aren’t legally bound to a character, so you do, in fact, have the flexibility of labbing. Enjoy and learn.

And don’t wake up Spinning Bird Kick.

Okay, thanks for the help and quick response!

Aye, no issue.

Welcome to SRK.