Switching over from Happ to Japanese sticks

I just built my second stick and I decided to use Seimitsu LS-32 stick this time. Last build I used all Happ parts as that was what I was used from years of arcade gaming in the U.S. I really want to transition over to Japanese sticks and I might construct a Sanwa as well just to see how it feels in comparison.

What I basically want to ask people is for any advice on making the switch. Is there any particular way people hold Japanese sticks to get the most effective movements out of them? Any particular way to do specific motions (i.e. quarter circles, half circles, 360’s)?

I notice that I get stuck in the corners a lot which seems fairly common for people making the switch. I am able to do DP motions just fine after a bit of practice, its just the circular motions that are giving me trouble. Should I make a more conscious effort to not get stuck in the corners when doing these kinds of motions?

Any input would be appreciated.

Remember that you don’t need to go all the way to the notch to hit the corners. Once you get used to the fact that you don’t need to move the stick much to activate you will be able to do circles much easier and faster than on a Happ stick.

That’s the main reason that I decided to give Japanese sticks a try. I had played on them a bit at friend’s houses but haven’t got very good yet. Like I said, I have no problem hitting the corners for DP moves. Its just when I try to do supers or fireballs it doesn’t come out half the time I think it will.

You’ll get used to it. Practice, practice, practice as they say.

Or get an octagonal restrictor, who knows you might even enjoy it better than the square gate.

One big problem I had at the beginning was not being to stop at left and right, but instead going too far to up-left and up-right. Having a square restrictor made it especially tough at first. However, it’s just something you get used to after a while. I’ve been playing on a Sanwa stick for close to two years now, and I love it. It’s tough for me to play on anything else.

You may be tempted to switch out the square restrictor for an octagonal one at first, especially coming from American sticks. While it will ultimately depend on your personal preference, a large majority of people who have experience with both (including myself) will tell you that the square is much better in the long run. It’s the de facto standard for a reason.

As for how to hold the stick, keep in mind that you need very little force to perform motions on a Japanese stick. You don’t really need to move your forearm at all. It should be mostly done through your wrists. Check out this post: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5198745

I did mess around with the octagonal restrictor but it just seemed that it limited the motion even more. I really want to get used the square gate because it obviously will allow me to do things much quicker.

Oh okay then go for it. I guess time is the only factor now.

No, those things are gross beyond belief. IMO, the octagonal gate completely negates the advantages of square gates which is speed and efficiency for inputs. It’s like retarded version of a jap stick. Square gate is the standard anyway, so he may as well stick to what everyone else uses.

Its weird, like if I just throw out a super generally it comes out most of the time. But if I am doing stuff like canceling a DP into super, it barely ever comes out, whereas on the Happ stick I was used to I could do it all the time.

So true. I had trouble adjusting as well, from a p360 to a Sanwa JLF. So I threw an octagon on there…man just don’t do it. Now…you might like the octagonal, I have a friend who likes his and plays just fine with it on. But, in all honesty, you just have to keep playing on the square…you will get there. Took me awhile lol.

I really think the only solution to the problem is time.

Cool, well I will keep practicing on it and continue making different sticks to see if I can build one that feels the best. After playing on Seimitsu for a few days now I can definitely tell it will be better in the long run.

for me the square gate was my first stick playing on and i really couldnt get it. so i got the octagonal gate to get used to everything first. i took it off and i can use the square gate fine now :slight_smile:

my problem with the square gate was also QCF HCF stuff but after using the octagonal gate it was easier for me to figure out what motion to make for those types of inputs.

Yeah, for me Square gates are like bliss for charge characters and an achillies heal for fireball/SRK characters. I’ve been playing on a sanwa setup for months (coming from Happ) and still don’t have it down.

tl613 is right, its easy for me to do Full circles and Dragon puches, with japonese stick, , and once you get used to the square gate youll love it.

hi sugest getting an ls56 with an octogonal restrictor. I say this because the jlf octogon ruins the stick its garbage it increases throw and feels sloppy. However the ls56 octogon restrictor makes the stick better. It shortens the throw and makes the stick more responsive and gives you best of both worlds. I bought 1 of almost every stick in existence and this is the best comboni have found.

It’s funny how many people do that exact same thing (start out not liking the square, switching to an octagon, then ultimately switching back to the square). I did it myself before I ever started reading this forum. When I came here and realized how many other people did the same thing, it really surprised me.

I think squares are tricky at first, but if you just stick with them, you’ll get over the awkwardness quickly. In my opinion, the square is simply a much better option in the long run, once you can get past that initial difficulty with quarter-circle and half-circle motions.

not being arogent here I am just wondering why everyone says square is superior if soo many people have problems using them? I hear you’ll get used to it all the time but I’ve never heard someone say I cant get used to my happ, or I’m having dificulties doing a certain move with a circle gate. So once I spend months getting used to the square what’s the payoff? What makes them superior in the long run?

Charge characters are amazing on a square gate for 1, Things like Dragon Punches are really nice with the corners as well. Octagons are basically training wheels

back and forth is just as easy on any gate, dragon punches are the 1 thing that a square is definately better on, and training wheels make riding a bike easier, isn’t easier better?