Switching pad to joystick

direct me to any other threads on this topic if there are any but I didn’t see one. I play ssf4 on pad well and haven’t really had a reason to switch to joystick. So i know fighting games and all that. But I’ve picked up kof and now persona 4 and more so for persona you have to hit multiple buttons for burst and all that and I don’t think there’s enough buttons with trigger and bumpers for all the commands.

I bought the stick already and I know it takes time but I’m struggling mostly with hitting multiple buttons that are on top of each other like x and a. I use my pointer and middle finger to press them but I imagine must players use thumb and pointer. Is this the case and does anyone have any tips on the button layout for a 4 button game or tips for pressing multiple buttons( when I do it it’s usually to slow to tech grabs and combo). any help on approaching this would be appreciated.

There are a shittonne of topics on this (even some of page 1). Search function is your friend.

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