Switching pcb's

So I have an SE for 360. I also have a TE that was for 360, but then it was dual modded. It stopped working and I got some people to look at it and they said I just need a new dual mod chip or whatever. Is there a way for me to just put what’s in my SE into my TE? Sorry if this has been covered, but I don’t really have time to look through all of the posts on this board Q_Q

How did it just stop working? Perhaps it can be salvaged unless one of boards actually malfunctioned.

I don’t know how it happened exactly, but when I plug the fightstick in the system the xbox button flashes once and then it turns back off.

Sounds like a USB issue. It is either damaged and needs replacing or was badly modded in the first place.

If it isn’t something you know how to test for or repair yourself then look at the list of modders at the top of this forum and get your nearest one to have a look at it.