Switching sides with medium shoulder

i can’t do it to shotos for the life of me. is there some special timing i should be looking for?

PS. i apologize if this has already been posted, i can’t see old threads for some reason

its a fierce shoulder untill you hit the corner then its medium


I think he means after a command grab. The timing is different depending on how much meter you have left. If you don’t have any meter left after the dragon kicks, then you have to input the mp shoulder immediately after the kick finishes. If you still have meter, then you have to wait a bit. Just go to training mode and practice it.

yeah, sorry for not clarifying, i mean switch sides after a command grab and roundhouse dragonkicks.

i’ve tried varying degrees of waiting after the dragon kicks. maybe i can slow down my dragon punch input on the stick to purposely lag the final roundhouse command?

First of all
after a commad grab its Medium dragonkicks and then a medium shoulder

wow… i totally got it all wrong then!

thanks JD, i’m gonna go try that, hopefully i’ll have more luck with it =D

PS. medium dragonkicks works perfectly, heck, no wonder i could never land the medium shoulder, i was using the wrong dragonkicks