Switching to Oro, with questions!

So I’m sick of Akuma, and after a long bout of decision-making, I’ve decided the new character I want to learn is Oro. After browsing the forum a bit, I’ve learned a few things, and raised more questions;

  1. Chicken combo is Oro’s BnB?

  2. :hk: (at what distance) into :hcb: :hp: combos, right?

  3. Air grabs any good?

  4. What do you guys mean by ‘unblockable’ with SA2? Is it a serious unblockable or a Yang-grade unblockable?

  5. When/against what should I use his uppercut and sun disk?

  6. What’s the general gameplay strategy with Oro? What’s his battle plan? (ex. Akuma was pure rushdown. Oro is…?)

  7. Situational question. I’m raping somebody in the corner and I land a cl.:mp:. What’re my best options for follow-up, for either SA2 and SA3?

  8. Viable combo example?: (cl.:mp: -> :qcf: :mk:) x2 -> cl.:mp: xx (is it a cancel?) EX tengu stones -> cl.:mp: (:mp: x 5 I think?). After the tengu stones run out, can I go back into the chicken combo?

  9. Does EXing a super take the same amount of meter as a normal super?

If you guys have any other worthwhile advice/burning for a new Oro user, I’d love to hear it. I really want to get serious with such an under-used and under-rated character. :bgrin:

I can only answer a few of these, but I’ll do the best I can.

  1. Oro’s unblockables aren’t just a high low mix up, they’re Urien grade. SAII attacks from one side you attack from the other. The only thing not Urien grade about them is that they’re a lot harder to set up.

  2. Ex super takes up all meter. For SAI and SAIII, it’s the same as just a regular super since they’re both 1 bar. For SAII, you need max stock before you can EX super. I don’t see anyone play with SAI. I’ve never seen anyone use EX SAII (maybe you can use it to chip to death, but that’s a of meter to build). EX SAIII is good for certain stuff. If you can get close strong (Oro’s launcher for chicken combo) you can start “low tier genei jin” juggle. EX SAIII ignores/resets the juggle limit (unless it’s already maxed out) so you launch with close strong (2 hits) or chicken combo into close strong (first hit only) activate EX SAIII. Once you have that going if they’re in the corner, you just roundhouse them repeatedly. If they’re not, you alternate jumping roundhouses with standing roundhouses to juggle them into the corner if possible. Look it up on youtube, there’s bound to be good stuff there.

Pretty much. It’s not really much of a BnB, though, as it leads to his biggest combos pretty easily.

HK doesn’t combo to anything unless you are in a tengu or stun juggle. You are thinking of close MK to command grab, which will pretty much always combo if you are in close MK range. Crouching MK can combo to it, too, but the range is a little more limited, just experiment for a while.

Air grab is great against people who love to parry in the air, and don’t try to airthrow you themselves. You shouldn’t land it often, though, because dashing under their jumpin is often a better option.

Unblockable means just that, you can’t block it. Its just as serious as Uriens unblockables.

The basic setup is to do close mp>chicken, close mp>chicken, close mpxxsuper, then some movement for positioning, then jump, doublejump, crossover mk, or jump over, double jump, HK on the way down. which version of the super to use and how to move varies from character to character, but it’s not that hard to remember who to do what on. I’ll list what I remember at the end of the post.

In general, mp upper is used to end Oros combos, and EX upper can be used like a reversal SRK. lp upper can occasionally be used against early crossover attempts, it might trade but you should win damage.

Sun disk can be used like any other fireball in the game, sparingly from long range, and a little bit more spam against people who can’t get around them effectively (hugo). The mp and hp versions can be thrown early as anti-airs. They will almost always get parried from what I have seen, but they are safe unless you do them sort of late in their jump. The EX one is a lot better, it can be used to gain space while eating the clock, as an even better anti-air, or it can be used against a cornered opponent to make a minor pressure game safe (think SF2 guile, throw a lp sonic boom and walk behind it, same idea).

Oro is a very defensive character. In general, you want to be playing keep-away and building meter. When your opponent does get close, you want to be putting distance between you, or going for a parry>close mp>GGPO. Very rarely will you want to be on the offensive with Oro.

in general, oros cl.mp options dont change with location (yun, yang, and hugo are the exceptions). cl.mp anywhere is cl.mp>chicken, cl.mp>chicken, mp upper. You can replace the mp upper with cl.mpxxTengu EX and juggle with HKs (midscreen you can alternate HKs and f.MPs), and end with an extra chicken combo (there are other easier options in the corner, but once you’ve got the timing down on this its not a huge problem).

With yagyou, what you do is VERY locationally dependent. In the corner, your best bet is probably just to do the mp.upper ending. If you’ve got meter to burn, you can replace the mp upper with c.HPxxHP super for a reset. If they try to parry out, you can jump in air-throw them for almost guaranteed damage, or just add HKs. If they take hits, you can jumping HK and combo most characters, but it may reset them instead of giving you the knockdown.
If they aren’t in the corner by the end of the chickens, you can go for unblockable setups.

Perfectly viable, but you can replace the mps after activation with HKs in the corner, or alternating HKs and f.MPs midscreen, as none of your normals will reset during EX tengu juggles.

Not for yagyou, if you EX any of oros supers, it eats all of your meter. This isn’t really important since it only affects yagyou, and EX yagyou is pretty much useless.

Honestly, Oros a very easy character to get started in. The main suggestion I have is to not get too carried away in trying to cl.mp>chicken combo, as its not really confirmable and you WILL get punished for it getting blocked.

Your stable combo when starting should be cl.mp(2-hit)xxtengu>whatever.

Run the hell away.

Anyways, thats it for now, I have to take off, so no time to proof-read this yet.

I think they’re easier to set up due to lack of charge partitioning. They are probably Urien grade but parrying down can get certain characters out of them, so it’s good to mix up the timing on your air mk anyway.

Also note that it’s extremely easy to do unblockables on characters who are corner crossable, such as Dudley and Necro.

I personally end with c.mp > super jump cancel > hk/hp. It only does one point of extra damage but leaves them open for mixup options. I usually sit there in hopes of a failed SRK/Super but taking a step forward and doing s.hp usually gets some added damage aswell. (This is of course with no meter)

To answer the rest of your question, yes you can go back and do a full chicken combo. Shotos are much harder to pull that off on so I suggest c.mp(2hit) > hp fireball > c.mp(1hit) > super jump cancel > hk/hp reset.

Just remember, there are no characters that can keep up with Oro’s backdash (stole that advice). Going from a rushdown character to a turtle character might be a little weird but get used to staying away. Only go for the big damage when you have meter, but until then just backdash backdash backdash.



Is it just me, or do Akuma players tend to like playing Oro?

good zoners?

Best tutorial EVER made! :tup:

Haha, it’s kind of weak and incomplete by 2007 standards, but it’s perfect for new players. Oh wait, that’s what a tutorial is for! :wink:

EDIT: January 2008 marks the 5th anniversary of Man of Gold. Oh my God…

Yeah, watching an oro player at the arcade an Man of Gold inspired me to try Oro. I wish I were better, though.

Thanks for all the great advice guys, I just have one final question;

  1. http://youtube.com/watch?v=eDJl1X9HkFA - Is what he tried to do at 1:03 possible?

yes it is

Dirty basically got lucky because of Oro’s crouching reel. There’s a match where a Chun (Combofiend? I forget) hits a crouching Hung at max range with back+Fierce and cancels to super, but because of that same reel animation the first few kicks of the super whiffed and Hung was able to block.

Count on Oro for random bullshit in his favor. :wink:

i loled when i saw that vid:rofl:

Okay Akuma and Oro are like POLAR OPPOSITE playstyles ROFL… but yeah learn everything on MoG and if you have any questions we’d be happy to answer them… for a small fee.

At school right now so I’m just gonna limit my otherwise monster post to these few sentences…

Just to warn any new players watching MoG: THE “UNBLOCKABLE” AGAINST YUN DOESN’T WORK.

you need to focus your Oro powers more. It WILL work :looney:.

Did you know by abusing c.lk hp drill, and random lk chicken constantly, you get Oro points. You can spend them on being cool or getting things to work that should never ever work.

don’t listen to me :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well yeah anyways, Oro is however you want to play him. I personally prefer baiting people into jump, making educated option parries, and being as gimmicky as possible with air chicken. Stun or land S.mp. Your gold.

Don’t listen to MOD… every time I do LK to drill, I die.


Even Dirty Music has taken a page out of Thanatos’ wacky playbook with things like empty jump EX uppercut. Just don’t do it all the time… maybe once every dozen matches.

How do you figure the unblock against yun doesnt work? Launch walk up launch cancel into yagyou works. Your never gonna get it in a match, but it works.