Switching to Super on AE PC?

As far as I’m aware you can’t switch to Super when playing AE (PC Version). When on the xBox version you can switch back. Can you really not go back to super SF4 on PC?

That’s weird. I’m pretty sure all the data for Super is there.

I haven’t tried to regress versions myself, but I have done a few trials in Challenge Mode and the PC version DOES regress to Super when doing so. The code is all there.

I take it you’ve exhaustively searched the option menus?

Pretty much, yeah

Calling all modders…

yea really, where is SUPER on PC?

I haven’t tested, but you should be able to take the bac & bcm files from the characters folders in resource/battle/chara (those are SSFIV version moves) and put them in place of the bac & bcm in the characters folders in dlc/03_character_free/battle/regulation/latest (those are AE version moves).

Tested and verified :slight_smile:

Super never came out on the PC, so there isn’t anything to go back to.

I think the trials are in the PC version… so you could technically go back to super, I just don’t see the option.

Would that mean you can replace the BAC files and use Super characters to play against AE people or does it do a checksum?

Yeah, it doesn’t work.
It’d work for local play but online it works the same way as SFIV Koryu, the other person has to also switch his files or it DCs

The game does switch back to Super for the trials so it’s possible that the disabled option is still hidden in memory, somebody might find the address and create a trainer to switch between AE/SUPER.

So far the option to just change the BCM/BAC files is fun, I’m enjoying S.Cammy vs AE versions (she seriously does have an edge over the twins with TKCS)

That’s good to know. I could imagine the amount of people who would go back to their super version of a character just to rape online, lol.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure they said we would have that option, I wanted to be able to play both versions but oh well, AE is the latest/greatest anyway.

Capcom really botched the PC port. Nothing but problems.

The codes are all there
But what are the reasons for playing old SSF4 if we have AE?:sweat:

SSFIV Honda vs. Yun.
I know I’d like to see it happen

I don’t think you can play AE chars in SSFIV mode