Switching to Super on AE PC?

Original games are only in the trials. Switching is done automatically when calling back. Bonus stages are not affected.

Such a ripoff. It’s the same price as the console versions, but missing half the game.
If it weren’t for all the mods, the PC version would be a complete dud.

I saw two conflicting statements, once they said the option would be there for completions sake or something, and another time they said it would not be. Guess the latter was the truer

I hope they make it possible to switch back to Super in a future patch for the PC version.

Which is impossible even on consoles.

Anyway, the option to play the Super equivalents of characters instead of their AE versions was because people had Super on consoles and AE was optional. It was only meant for those who wanted to stay in Super.

We had nothing more than Vanilla SF4. There was no logical reason (from Capcom’s standpoint) for us to have a SSF4 version of the cast. The original SSF4 never “existed” for us in the first place and the only real reason it remains in the code is trials.

I meant manually copying Honda’s SSFIV files leaving the rest of the cast unchanged, I was under the impression this was possible.

I would still really like to see an option to switch to SSFIV. It would feel like a really late release for us PC users, but it would be better than nothing. Although it would split the scene.

Someone should make a mod that incorporates the best version of every character so we can finally see what Vanilla Sagat vs AE Yun looks like