Switching ? When ? How ? Why?

Hi Guys,
Im struggling with the switching mechanic: I know it is really important to regenerate health, but every time I try to do it (when i am far from the opponent), I take big damages and I cannot stop my oppponent use this hability…
Im looking for a tutorial on this subjerct, but I found nothing…
Thanks for your advises and informations…

I’m assuming your opponent is calling you out on your character switch and punishing you with 2H. There’s a couple of ways to switch “safely” below.

  1. Guard cancel, if you’re being pressured and desperately need to switch then press forward + assist while in block stun.
  2. Call an assist to cover you while you tag out.
  3. DHC into another character that has a safe super on block.

You should never raw tag in in this game especially if you’re full screen since you’ll just give them an extremely easy to punish SD.
You can safely tag in in 3 situations, all done through quick tag (6A):

  • when you use a 2H launcher you can use quick tag and have another character continue the combo instead of your point character (this works even if you already used your SD)
  • after using Vanish mid combo you can tag in and the character will continue the combo. Doing it off a raw Vanish is probably still safe-ish but beware as the SD won’t connect.
  • if you’re blocking and you have one meter you can use guard cancel to switch characters and push the opponent away. The incoming character won’t probably hit them if you were guard cancelling a light button but it’s still hard to punish.

If you have your entire team alive you can also use one of the other characters as assist to cover the tag in. And there’s of course the DHC which is safe if you hit them.

In general the game forces you to apply pressure to gain a chance to switch instead of just getting a free out of jail card, which makes perfectly sense.

It’s also a lot safer to switch if you see your opponent has taken to the air. You can still get punished in this situation, but it’s harder to do, and it’s less likely that your opponent is looking for the tag if they’re willing to take to the air.