Switzerland SF4 Players?




i cant post on the general forums, but i main guile, so i post here.

Please dont flame, or close the Thread, maybe some admin can move it there.

Im searching for Swiss Poeple who play Street Fighter on a competive Level. I have a group of ~7 People, wich i can play locally. But i need some more competition, my buddies have given up playing against me.

Theres no Arcade here, so theres no street fighter community :frowning: I live in zuerich, and the arcade tracker shows nothing.

Im hoping that on this way i can find some people, even create a community here in switzerland.

(I can provide a nice projector screen and 2 TE Sticks to play with)

My Xbox live Tag is “KennySWISS”

Greetings from Switzerland


I met some really good Ryu today, he kicked ass and he was from switzerland, he played like Daigo did awesome combos, I was really suprised to find someone who’s that good.Compared to the scrubby Ryus I always met online…
I don’t know if I can just post his gamertag here. o
I’m from germany and I also don’t know many people, who play this game even slightly good as me (I guess they hate to lose against me).
I would add you but I’m not from your country so I don’t know if you mind. :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah sure add me, tag is KennySWISS :slight_smile: hope we can play some time…

Greets Kenny


im online now, if some europe players want a fight, add me on live :slight_smile:


You found me :wink: