Switzerland Thread



Any swiss people who are into Street Fighter around here? No matter if 2, Alpha or 3.



give my friend gaby a shout.

email him at ryumishima@gmx.ch

tell him khiem gave you his email.


I know that v-ryu_jimmy used to play A3 but I dont know if he is active anymore


Great, thank you guys.


Jup, swiss player here.

Thanks to SFIV, I’m really getting into fighting games. Have loved them since II, but never played them seriously until now, until SF IV.

Thinking about installing GGPO though on my own MAME-Arcade-Maschine…^^

And upgrading my cab with a 24-LCD monitor and eventually a new PC with enough power to play the PC Version of SF IV - when it comes out - on the cab. :slight_smile:


I live in Switzerland, play mainly SF4 on ps3 and various games on 2DF, i’ m located close to Geneva


I’m an old man from Zurich who likes to play some SFIV (on PS3). Because Switzerland seems to be a black hole on the map when it comes to fighting games, i have only really played one Person (Drachenherz) offline so far ;(


I’m actually going to Zurich today (5/10) and would be dope to link up with some Street Fighters out there.


Digging this up.

<- Zurich/SF only (any SF)


To all the swiss people that always wanted to visit cologne (who wouldn’t want to!):

FightClub NRW Road to EVO 2011! - join your nice german neighbors in an awesome tournament! :wink:


Reviving topic

Basel guy here. Would be cool to link up with some SFbros. The scene around here is nonexistant. The last arcade (which didn’t even have a sf cabinet lol) closed down in favour of a womens shoe shop. Sad times, sad times.


there are some users from Switzerland on the German bemu community platform www.hardedge.org


Hey guys! I’m Makaveli living in Geneva, Switzerland. I play mainly 3rd strike and AE
If any of you guys are living in Geneva or near (maximum Lausanne for the convenience I would say) then hit me up, me and my friends tend to have a gathering once a week at a neighborhood house near the station, we’ve already had V-Ryu and Fuma once… We play only AE for now 'cause the scene is dead for most of the other games lol. Anyway we’d love to have more and more people come play with us in order to make the fighting game community (with a natural focus on AE) grow! And that it doesn’t only resolve around a few people…

And if any of you play 3rd strike OE on PSN please add me! I’m dying to find some dudes to play with: Makaveli202 is my tag.

See you. :slight_smile: