Sydney Chinatown, 3s RanBat #2.3 Results & Videos!

Here are the results from our recent 3s RanBat held the other week. [Single elim, best 2/3] Only 12 people this time… :frowning:

1st - Garland [KEN]
2nd - Tian [YANG]
3rd - Jack [DUDLEY]
4th - TSC [MAKOTO]
5th - TerryUNSW [DUDLEY]
5th - TimGPK [KEN]
5th - Prism [MAKOTO]
5th - IXL [REMY]
9th - UC1 [KEN]
9th - eKin [CHUN-LI]
9th - Haichii [ALEX]
9th - MaTTTai [HUGO]

The RanBat 2.3 video can be downloaded here via Bit torrent:
Sydney Chinatown 3s Ranking Battle #2.3 [249mb]

Also, our last tournament is also available for download via BT. Check it out here:
Sydney Chinatown 3s Ranking Battle #2.2 [195mb]

Did you guys capture in DV or just with a VCR and Dazzle?
Note: I have not looked at the videos yet

Edit: 2100 GST

It looks like DV if you still have the original DV capture. PM me… I’d like to know if DV cam recording can be bobbed like 1394 DV captures.

P.S.: do you guys hold Ranking matches for ST?

where is the bbbensonator

joguy you better be coming to ameliga soon

st can be downloaded HERE

hi bill