Sydney Chinatown 3s Ranking Battle Tourney #4 - Results and Video!

Results from the 4th Sydney Ranking Battle are as follows:

1st - Cody [Dudley]
2nd - IXL [Yun]
3rd - Jeff [Ken]
4th - Garland [Ken]

5th - PaulT [Ryu]
5th - Jack [Yun]
5th - Prism [Makoto]
8th - Ho [Ken]
8th - TSC [Makoto]
8th - dr_bagnus [Chun-Li]
8th - hkh1022 [Hugo]
8th - bluey [Urien]
8th - Kenshin [Ken]
8th - ultracrazy1 [Akuma]

This was a single elim, random seeded tourney. Best 2 out of 3, so 2 losses and you were out! All in all it was a fun evening and featured our two interstate guests PaulT and Ho who had tough draws in the tourney and didn’t place as high as they could have… the casuals afterwards were much more fun!

You can download via bit torrent the Ranbat #4 vid here: Sydney Chinatown Ranking Battle #4 [385mb]

… and some casuals from after the tourney: PaulT vs Sydney Guys [149mb]

well done to everybody.

Downloading the matches now.

hoping to steal some ken tactics for the next uk tournament :slight_smile:

hahaha… sure no probs. By the way did you guys manage to capture any of the Izu stuff from the Troc arcade?.. or just console?

Yeah I got a bunch of stuff on vhs, somebody is capturing it for me as i type this so as soon as i get it back it will be available for download.

once again where is bbbbesnon

He couldn’t make it to this one, he came to Ranbat 3 but I guess everyone cant make it out every week. You can see his Akoomy in action in the Ranbat 3 vid here: Sydney Chinatown Ranking Battle #3 [295mb]