Sydney thread

I’m in Australia on vacation and I’ve only been a week in Sydney. I have two more weeks till I head back to the barren desert so I’m looking for some 3S matches. I can play some SFIV but I’m mainly a 3S player.

I tried to register on ozhadou but there seems to be a problem with their registration process or email service as I never got a confimation email neither from the forums itself or in response to the inquiry that I’ve sent to the admin about the confirmation email. I’ve still got SRK.

I’ve been to Good Games and it’s very homey. Plenty of good people there but there isn’t that much 3S competition, not as much as I had expected at least. I did get my ass whopped by a couple of extremely good players but they had only showed up during the last hour or two that I was there (gg guys). I showed up yesterday for the weekly 3S ranbat but it turns out that the nationals (SFIV) were recently being played and the players are on a cooling off period? ugh, at least that’s what I got from the the dude at the register.

Anyhow, I’m always free from some casual matches and if a tournament is going to happen I’m all for it.


Your best bet is to get your registration sorted with ozhadou since not many people from Australia look at SRK compared to Ozhadou.

Quote from ozhadou site

“If you experience this problem, send me an email ( and I’ll look into it. Please provide the name of the account you created, along with the email address you used. I can manually activate accounts for people experiencing this problem.”

Thanks. I’ll send him an email.

Hey dude,
I have organised a gathering/tourney for you this Friday. Hope you check this thread and able to come :wink:

PS: ToXY thank you for the redirection to OzHadou :wink: