Syncing up a prototype PS3 controller (red light home button)

I was at my best friend’s house last week and we got a little SF4 time in. When I was syncing up my arcade sticks, he asked me how to sync other types of controllers to his PS3. He then proceeds to bring down 6 Sony PS3 controllers.

Apparently, when he was fixing some guy’s RRoD problem, and along with the payment, this guy gives up 6 PS3 controllers that he couldn’t sync to a PS3.

I then take my micro-b USB cable and try to sync up all 6 of the controllers. They seem to be legit Sony branded SIXAXIS controllers (not DS3s).

Here’s the kicker:

Although none of them synced up to his PS3, when I pressed the home button on all of the controllers, it lit up red. The serial numbers are all different than the stock SIXAXIS, and I believe they are all prototypes (remember that original controller photos after the boomerang prototype had red lit home buttons).

Anybody think they may know how to sync them up to get them to work? If I can get them to sync, I think I may want to make another stick with it (with a setup to allow use of the dual sticks and home button).

And no, I don’t have pictures. But I’ll snap some the next time I’m up by his place.


Have you tried messing around with the reset button on the back of the controllers?

Plugging them in via USB should have synced them so it’s a long shot but still worth a try.

I didn’t even think to look at that button. I’ll have him give it a try.


If it works, I demand you give me one!

But I am curious as to what these are, since every PS3 controller I’ve used does not have a lit Home button.

Lemme at them :slight_smile:

(as for the light-up PS button, all of the controllers I’ve seen, and certainly all SIXAXIS, are designed to do that. There’s a spot on the board a surface mount LED (0805 size, IIRC, for those who want to do this themselves) would go, right under the PS button. They just don’t put the LED there. Plenty of aftermarket modders do this.)