Synergy issues

I play Felicia and Spiderman. These are my two best characters by far and I know them (especially Felicia) like the back of my hand. I want to use Dr. Strange, but I can’t seem to find any good synergy with them. I don’t know Strange well enough to trust myself, so I’m wondering if you all know of anything I’m missing. He has so many options I know it’s there, I just can’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance, and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Sup MrPlow. As of your team is now, I’d say you should play either Spidey/Strange/Felicia or Spidey/Felicia/Strange. Since you’re starting to get used to him, I’d say the second one. You can mixup a whole lot of people with command grabs and instant overheads using bolts, two things that respectively Felicia and Spiderman can do very well, so I’d start from that.

As you get used to Strange, I’d say you start to bring him to second, both for super-super-shit punishment using the vishanti and for a ‘dhc-glitch-esque’ setup to FoF loop and kill everyone in one combo. Also, you can take advantage of Felicia’s assist to set unblockables to both Spidey and Strange (remember, Doc’s got only one true low-hit, which is cr.H, but it’s slow, so any help is appreciated to open people up). The con for that formation is that you leave Strange without any help, and considerably weakened for that sense. Lets say its 2 on 2 by that time in the match, and the other guy has a very dominant assist, like vajra, missiles, tatsu or whatever. Either you pray for him to make a mistake and underestimate your Strange by calling an assist while you are free to react and even worse to stand still while doing it, or you gotta pull something godlike to even the odds. Maybe if it’s a favorable matchup - like Doom or such - you can pull it out, but it’s too risky since Strange is not the king of matchups himself.

Anyways, until you get the hang of Strange, try to maximize your already solid chars, get used to confirming out of bolts, and learn Strange playing by his own (which will happen even if you use him second in the future anyways), with xfactor infinites and self-created mixups (the two core things Nemo’s bandwagon squad should be doing, but none of them are, they only flame-loop and book-spam) and blocking/punishing. When the time c0omes and you feel comfortable enough, bring him to second and be happy with it :slight_smile: