Syracuse, NY FGC


Looking to find or start a Syracuse FGC. Idea is to find a spot to host weekly tournament for all types of fighting games.


Hey I’m in Rochester but am looking for something similar. I have a group of 3 that plays street fighter only.


I know a few people in Rochester. They mostly stick with MK and KI. I would be willing to travel half way between Cuse an Rochester if we are able to find a game shop willing to host weekly get togethers. Interested?


What do you play?
Cortland has a solid Tekken scene.
Ithaca has a Persona scene and a few scattered others.
I play older Capcom fighters (Super Turbo, Marvel 2, CvS2), Ultimate, and XRD.
I will play Ultra, but not terribly into it.


I play mostly NRS games…injustice, mk9, MKX…I played a lot of KI before MKX came out. Would be willing to learn Ultra if I had a few folks to play with…



SYR is really lacking FGC support lately outside of Smash, which TML heads up. I’m a Marvel player and besides Damas, who I haven’t seen/heard from in over a year, there isn’t much going on.

I’m a ps3 warrior as I mostly play pad, but if you’re in the area, I’m definitely looking for more people to game with. My roomie will play most games, but sucks at them. I’m more focused on “cool characters = cool game” :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the philosophy of “cool characters=cool game” I started learning USF4 on 360 recently. I’ll ask around and see if a couple of buddies want to try and get something here in Cuse…don’t really know where to start in terms of getting outside parties interested though…


Just need players to try games really. I think one problem is the Syr area has kind of a shitty scene that isn’t very competitive… Most ppl you run into around here seem to be really casual and not interested in getting better. Even just meeting up and gaming for a couple hours was pretty normal in Rochester or even over where I was in Japan, but here the best I can get is a FT5 out of someone.

I don’t have any 360 stuff, and the few times I’ve tried, I cannot play on that controller to save anyone’s life, but I’ve tried to pick up stick more and more to be more multi-platform. Basically just need to find people into fighting games, or… people who want to learn and get better.


I’d be willing to go back to getting into Marvel if I had competition.
You’re in Syracuse proper? Add me on PSN - m1x4h. I’ll play some Marvel with you, though I suck at it. I’m better at Marvel 2, but right now my focus is almost entirely on Guilty Gear.


Sounds like everyone is into something different but willing to learn other games. Some games I play stick like USF4 and KI where as MKX I play on pad. Never got to much into Marvel, never had anyone to learn from. I’m also in Xbox though. Anyone know how often FGC in Rochester and buffalo meet up to game? Once a week,once a month?


@R_Dubya_McQuarters I’m going to give you some advice based on having been part of starting up the Northeast PA scene many years ago. The scene’s dead for a bunch of reasons, people moving and the venue being assholes… but this isn’t the place.

Facebook… we had like 4 people advertising here, made a FB page and got like 30-40 in a few months time.
Make a Facebook group or at least search for one.

That said, I’ll play anything except the NRS games and Killer Instinct, as I’m sure a lot of people would. People don’t play fighting games because they like the game - people play fighters because they love the competition and they play the game because they’re comfortable in that game. I hate SF4, but it doesn’t mean I won’t play it. I’m most comfortable in old school games though, World Heroes Perfect, Super Turbo, XMvSF, Marvel 2, and CvS2.


I’ll definitely add you Azn.

I’m definitely in the “comfortable” group. When I was younger I loved to dick around with NRS games, but as I got older I stuck with Melee a lot. Marvel kinda filled that hole in my heart, tho the new GGXrd is pretty damn fun.

I think all of us have tried SF in the past, and though I’ll play it, it certainly isn’t my cup of tea. Juri’s hot at least. Competition makes things more fun though.

Also to answer your question: Rochester used to meet up every week during the RIT school year on Wednesdays to meet up, and they have a tournament series called mash it out going on now. I’m not sure how active that series is, but I hear its decent.

I miss just having some pizza and watching FT50’s and just real talk about the games. Good stuff.


I can vouch for FB groups… that is what killed the Rochester thread on SRK. It is cool to peak into other regions on this thread but the convenience of FB is hard to match


I’m an old school Tekken player from the area back when you met people in arcades (yes I’m a dinosaur). I also played UMVC3 and a little SF4, but gradually got sick of those games. Since SFV came out I was hoping to find a resurgence of fighting gamers in the area. I’ve got a pad to host and am willing to explore other fighters, but mainly want to focus on SFV. Let me know if you people are out there!


I’ve been looking a long time too. I live near Cortland and haven’t found anyone.
I just got introduced to a FB group.

There’s people there.


Syracuse FGC is retired. All of the players are doing real life shit now. If you wanna play games in CNY you have to contact either DeAnthrax or Myself on Twitter.


That’s unfortunate…seems like no one wants to revive the scene. I think it’s possible. I love playing some fighting games and looking for others that share the same passion. I want to learn and grow in the community. Online is great but would be awesome to have that community her in CNY.


big tourney in Buffalo coming up also :slight_smile: