System Advice


Im new to this board, so forgive me for asking an old question and/or posting in the wrong spot. I cross-posted a version of this question on GameFAQs, but I wanted some more input.

Im a (really) old-guy fighting game fan who honestly plays them for the characters and the stories and is at best an intermediate player on a good day.

I havent been able to afford getting into the current generation of systems, which has been OK, as the PS2 has become a really great system for fighting games. But Im hoping that by March of next year, I will be able to jump on-board.

The opinions I seek are related to the following: for a fighting game fan, which next-gen system should I get?

Heres some facts about me that are pertinent to the question:

  1. Unless someone can make a really compelling case for it, Im not interested in the Wii (and I am of the camp that Smash Brothers is not a fighting game).
  2. Im not interested in online competitive play (because I kind of suck).
  3. A blu-ray player is a nice extra, but not something I consider worth it in itself
  4. As far as I can tell, all the major fighting games are coming to both systems, with the exception of DOA4 and Tekken 6. I realize that Tekken 6 will be a superior game, but I will readily admit that I also like DOA. So I would genuinely miss either.

The majority of people on GameFAQs advised the PS3, but without really giving any reasons.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

To be quite honest your best bet is the PS3. Not only will you get the best Blu-ray player on the market, but for games not readily available to the American market, you can import from japan with out having the problem of modding. Plus any game that coming out that’s worth considering is coming out on the ps3 as far as fighters go.

Get PS3.

If you care about VF5, get a 360. Even if you don’t play online, it has the most up to date version of the game.

If you care about Tekken, get a PS3, as it’s the only place to play DR and Tekken 6.

If you don’t care about either, then both consoles are solid. 360 has the most fighters released domestically at the moment, with both Senko no Ronde and Battle Fantasia getting surprising US releases. However, PS3 is region free, which means that you can just import Battle Fantasia and any other Japan exclusive games in the future.

If you intend on getting an arcade stick, controllers are obviously a moot point, but if you don’t, PS3 has the infinitely superior D-pad. Supposedly, 360 controllers are going to get a more responsive D-pad in the future, but at this point, there’s no way of telling how much of an improvement it will be, so I’d still say PS3 wins in this regard.

Those are my two cents, at any rate. It sounds to me like you should get a PS3, but either way, you’ll probably walk away happy. But seriously, T6 > DoA4.

That only for Europe I think. It had something to do with complaint’s about it not being sensitive enough for they’re soccer games that have d-pad control

The 360 will have KOF 98 Ultimate Match for Live so that’s a good reason to get it I guess.

If you’re as casual as you profess, you probably play on controller, in which case you should get the PS3 because the 360 controller is ass.

On the other hand, the 360 is now down to $199, so you could get that and a SF4 premium Arcade stick for less than the price of a PS3!