System Direction - Auto Air Recovery

I’m playing 3rd Strike on the DC and I believe, on Page 8, 2nd options, its “Auto Air Recovery”.

What does it do? The only information I could get is you can well… recover in the air but I see no way to do it and no change at all.

Anyone knows?

I haven’t messed with the SD in years, but I imagine that it causes a reset after being hit by moves that normally knock down. If that’s correct, then it’s poorly phrased because it’s not like a manual air recovery exists in 3S; how you fall is a predetermined property of a move.

But yeah, might be worth a shot to try that. No idea what else it could be referring to. Even for SD, what I suggested sounds rather extreme though. Can’t recall seeing it, but I do remember the reverse (ie. resets knocking down instead). Maybe that’s what this option does, but then it’s phrased even worse than I previously thought.

Mandatory note: SD is dumb, please don’t use it for anything other than jokes.

Of course SD is dumb, but its fun. My friend is quite bad at the game, and doesn’t want to learn.

SD is the solution. We can mess around more easily and well, have more fun.

I found that it does, I thought it was part of the Juggle limit thing but it isn’t.

The option simply let you hit people our of the air when they are not knocked down no matter what. So you can reset someone and hit them while they are in the air with attacks that never knockdown again and again.

Generally you can’t always hit people when reseting them in the air but I never understood how that worked exactly. Anyway, that just makes it always possible. Thanks for trying to help, though. But I tried what you said before even posting.

Oh he toed you