System Direction Combos

Alright, I’ve searched if there was any System Direction combo threads and there appears to be none.

I’ve been playing 3S for months. But now after FR9 (and getting my ass kicked) I look at 3S for what it really is, entertainment. I wasn’t familiar with system direction at all, the connotation I had from it was “…” After watching a few videos of combos, I was instantly hooked. So out of fun, I started playing in it…
Don’t get excited now, this is strictly for FUN. The real FUN is on the 8,9, and 10th pages, which you’ll have to beat the game with 5, 10, and 15 characters respectively.

So out of boredom and sheer curiosity, I start this thread with some Akuma stuff.
Here are the SD (System Direction) settings I have on:

All of Page 8 on except Knock Down From Air
All of Page 9 on.
On Page 6, EX Move Energy Requirement is lowest (s)

close:, x shoryu x lk tatsumaski x air fireball xx air messatsu x lk tatsumaski x air fireball (misses) x shoryuken xx messatsu
fierce shoryu x air fireball xx air messatsu
f.str x shakunetsu x shoryuken xx messatsu
f.str x shoryu x lk tasumaski x … endless x f.str x shoryu x (while in mid air) tatsumaski

in corner:
(not close) s.fierce x tatsumaski x close fierce…

Let’s see who can post the biggest combo!

Maybe you should try Marvel.