System Direction Kara Cancels

You know, I don’t even know my self if this topic deserves a thread of its own, but I haven’t got a clue where to post it, so I’m creating it.

I started thinking if there where any impossible Kara Cancels, ones that where statisticaly possible, but human reactions simply couldn’t do concistantly. One I thought of would be to Kara Kens Dragon Punch off a far Forward to get range and make it possible to combo from long distances. I then realised you can’t Cancel crouching Forward with Roundhouse.

This got me thinking about the System Direction options, like cancel normals with normals. How far do you think you could go exploring Kara’s under Sytem Direction conditions? We already know there is some pretty crazy stuff when using System Direction, but shouldn’t there be some seriously crazy combos if you can Kara normals after normals etc? Has anyone messed around with this before?

DD i dont wanna make this sound harsh, but this is the reason why a lot of people who post on forums suck at games…

what has this got to do with general strategy?

To answer your actual question, no… because its pointless.

i doubt it but it sounds like fun who cares if its pointless i bet it’d be funny/cool

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I can remember of a Yun ground GJ with all kinds of karas… andim not talking about 27x jab or shit, but s.hp into infinity… it was posted on if im correct

Exactly. I’m hammering the fuck out of Destruction Desire, now how pointless is that? Nahh, I was just wondering if anyone had experiminted with it before; and if the had, what they discovered. There’s nothing really left in 3rd Strike to be discovered, everything has probably been done, except under sytem direction conditions. It doesn’t matter if it’s not going to get me anywhere, I just want to find some mad stuff. I’ve got more time on my hands than a fat bloke in prison, I’ve got nothing else to do.

Nah this isn’t with system directions on. It’s just a ground GJ combo with st.fierces. Something like jab short strong GJ (fierce, fierce, kara fierce)*N or somethin crazy. Hurts like hell cuz the opponent is crouching the whole time hit by nonstop fierces.

I’ve got an adventure ahead of me, I haven’t unlocked the options on the PS2 yet, but there’s no point me messing about on the Dreamcast. So I’m gona have to do that some time soon, once I get it done I’m gona play around and see what I can find. People have already explored the origional game, to it’s fullest, but the system direction has hardly been touched as far as advanced techniqes go. It’s there to be used, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands too, need to occupy my self some way. As pointless as it might seem, I’m still interested enough to see what can be done.

First thing I’m gona try is a long range, jab srk, jab srk lol.

AFAIK, you can’t chain unless something connects. But I can’t really remember.

If it is possible, you could just mash RH and it would never come out.

Yeah, so the long range connects, cancel to roundhouse, kara it with jab srk. Should work, guess I’ll find out when I try.