SYTYCD Season 9 Thread


I’m likin’ a lot of dancers this season, especially the cats at [Dragon House] like Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer:



But yeah this is most of the reasons why I’m hooked…




Lots of talent.

Though I got to comment that the “karate kid” can’t do a clean and strong kick. Yes, I do nitpick and yes I know he placed.


The belly dancer made me jizz my pants


LMAO @ your AV and comment combined.


oh good, I didn’t think anyone was going to start one this year. Strongest auditions yet. There were some fucking insane street dancers. I’m glad Cyrus made it, you always need the underdog…


Man every week I say I’m going to bump this thread and every time I get distracted, but not this time!

First off Eliana Girard, I always said I would never marry, but I’d marry you in a heartbeat. An absolute beauty both inside and out.

But on to the main reason that spurred me to post. That solo by George.

I was never a big fan of his, nor the sometimes frou-frou Contemporary style, but WOW! His solo was one of the greatest solos on the show and one of the greatest solos I’ve scene in any genre. The perfect synchronicity of song and movement had me in silent awe for 30 seconds. Bravo young lad, bravo!

Amelia got kinda screwed, she actually grew on me as well…


This last week was one of the strongest weeks yet for the show. I wasn’t a fan of any of the girls until Elaina did that contemporary piece like 2 weeks ago. Holy shit. She immediately made me a fan. Chehon and Cole are probably the front runners for the guys.


There are no frontrunners for the guys for me, although they are all good. Cole is perhaps my fave and Chehon is a great technician, but Eliana is ZOMG! I like her in every way possible.