T-ARA|Will08 Julia Info Thread

For those wondering what i think about the character such as who pairs up well with or or how to set up counter hit combos I compiled this word document I will update as i find new things. I hope that you guys engage in some thinking and ask questions.

Currently Using her with Hwa and Nina

VERSION 2013 Part 1

Nice write up, If your still gonna do match ups, could you start with zangief first?

ganna update the write up tonight I got through a few match ups. As for Gief me and Chaos were complaiining against him. Basically what i do is hit confirm mk into sweep magic series. Then cross him up since his lariot was nerfed. The problem is he can roll out of this set up but you get a free tag if he does. I play Julia x Chun vs gief

Bump updated with some tekken match ups, Gief is next but thats a bad match anyways so dont expect much

you will need windows 2010 at the least

Julia Players - damn yall some lazy people no discussions whatsoever

I don’t think that’s the right way to play the Gief matchup, personally (my main training partner is one of the UK’s top Giefs). Using cr. MK as a poking tool is no good against Gief unless you can successfully hit confirm off of that one hit (and if you say you can, I’m not sure I believe you :stuck_out_tongue: ) Going into sweep every time is also going to take you fucking ages.

I think vs. Gief you need to use cr. LK as your main poking tool, buffered into cr. MK or st. MP. This is mostly safe on block, and on hit it gives you enough time to hit-confirm into launcher, which is where you’re going to get most of your damage.

Gief’s Lariat has been nerfed, but it’s still not a great idea to try your luck with cross-ups all the time. It can work, but if you get Lariated you’re in a bad way.

I think the main gameplan vs. Gief should be beating him at footsies, and using cr. HP or MK Rising Kick to anti-air him when he jumps at you. Neutral jumps when you’re just outside his st. MP range (and his LP SPD range) are also a good tool. Throw out j. MK on the way down and try your luck. Your backdash is also your friend, as it can help get you out of SPD range and avoid tricky situations. A double backdash at the right time will instantly restore your spacing and frustrate the hell out of the Gief player.

Play ME and find out if i can hit confirm cr mk i will show you. Seriously ND2130srk even with lag i got those buddy.

Anyways its at least good someone wants to discuss

Download link good for a month download while its up

I use what works Heres my tech
I will update the document and add anti air to general game plan

**Vs Zangief **
A difficult match up for Julia. Her general strategy does not work on Gief due to stand and crouch lp. So no cr lk > cr mk magic series buffer spam.

**This match up is a big rock, paper scissors game. **
vs Giefs cr lp > magic series -> stand rh wins
but stand rh loses to Gief’s st lp magic seires
but st lp magic series loses to cr lk or cr mk magic series
Most Giefs use stand lp mid range so at the start of the match use cr lk/mk magic series and get him to that option. Once they figure out your crouch lk/mk beats his stand lp they will start going for cr lk magic series which will beat Julia’s cr lk BUT That’s when you mix them up and throw out a st Round House to beat his cr lk

Once you won the match up on the ground Giefs only option is to Jump or EX green hand which is a gimmick so they will most likely go to the air.
Luckily for you all his aerial options loses to Julia’s cr FP anti-air, with the exception of a delayed jump mk, but you always got LK DP. Remember only lk DP is reliable as an anti air so learn its diagonal range.

Once you got the air and ground won its all up to Gief’s partner. Have that qcf HP ready

Applying knockdown pressure
Neutral jump lp and lp beat all of his options (beats SPD and miss timed Lariot)
If they roll Follow them with f mk > mp > p *tekken string **This does however lose to roll SPD

**VS Lariot **
If used as a Reversal after a Jump in RH you will get hit if you do anything else but DP. All jump in’s have 4 frames of recovery in this game so all jump in attacks (although plus frames on hit) are subject to invincible reversals.

In other cases Gief players like to be cute and build “free meter” with lariot. It is not free stand RH wins clean. To my surprise Julia’s stand Roundhouse vs Gief works better than Chun li’s Stand Roundhouse, Simply amazing.

**What to do after SPD **
Always back dash if you roll forward your actually placed closer to him

What to do after RH Magic series ender
This is the best option after Gief gets tagged in by his partner as it puts him right next to you on wake up so they will be initiating the pressure. In this case Roll as soon as possible, don’t be scared he’s too slow to follow you. Logically don’t roll if you see him backing up after the RH you have time to decide since the RH floats you.

jump in rh lk dp mk trades

DAMN Julia Players are some lazy folk
Over the weekend I fought 2 Significant Xiaoyu players and was forced to block due to my unfamiliarity. My fault for not knowing the match up well enough, so i was forced to test some stuff out in the lab here were my findings you lazy people

**Dealing with Rain Dance **
Rain Dance > PPP > alpha counter 3rd hit >
If you blocked the PPP series your opponent must commit to either KKK or uppercut follow up in Phenix Stance > Julia can DP ** DP beats both options

QCF LP (Swift Dash) Cross up
Xiaoyu is one of the small characters that can get crossed up with QCF lp command dash by Julia -> Its a gymmic but its a strong trick and keeps them from rolling
EX elbow > command dash > cross up set up mid screen or in corner

versus storming flower - is -4 > you can st lk punish
versus DP flip dive kicks (which are Plus on block btw) > can back back dash’d on reaction; or up back mk for a small punish

Versus the set ups - Because you know Xiaoyu has great mix up potential
Cr RH xx flip dive kick (cross up) > overhead **can be neutral jumped on wake up to avoid the overhead and grab

I will add this to the guide once i get a little more info vs xiaoyu like dealing with the double cross up roll varient combo ender on wake up

Dunno’ if I’d say lazy… but it’s been hard to get people to post in the character threads again. :frowning:

That said, I’m picking Julia back up now, still working on the basics again myself since it’s been awhile. I’ll try to be around here more and help out with stuff despite my average skill level, lol.

I didn’t realize that, going to have to try that out myself this evening. Good finds. :slight_smile:

Lk dp btw

Okay, I am seriously trying to up my game, big big thanks for this post will. that read was very helpful, though I don’t play cammy :stuck_out_tongue:

The more people play and raise interest the better. Soo many people have remained stagnate due to the lack of challenge cause as it is there is a big gap in skill level both online and offline. As long as u guys show interest then I will remain motivated and keep updating accordingly which will ultimately make us all better.

Indeed, I like the sound of that. Going to be cutting back on gaming time this week to like an hour a day (because I am so far behind in my writing work that its pitiful), but if anyone would like to get some matches in, I’ll likely play Cammy/Julia, Juri/Julia or Julia/Law. Shoot me a message if you see me online on XBL, or send me a PM here. :slight_smile:

So for those of you who care. With the patch notes out should we just wait for post patch to continue the guide?
I mean i kinda already know what im ganna do but the back dash nerf was rough. Adjusting the spacing post backdash is ganna get some getting used to. BUT none the less Julia will still be good cause of ELBOWS lmk if you guys are interested on what to start doing in order to make the transition easy. Im going to start practicing post patch julia LMK if you guys want in

Sounds like a plan man. She honestly still looks really good even with the couple nerfs she got, so a few adjustments and we should still be good to go. I’ll be playing her still but I kinda’ want to see how the post-patch world looks before I commit to anything (as far as practice, not the character - definitely repping Julia in my rotation from here on out).


what do you mean start practicing?
Like after the patch is out or somehow play right now as if the patch has happened?

Playing right now as if they patch was out. I already got ideas on how to change up my game. Regardless ill probably learn the next cheap girl character just in case but as soon as i get used to that backdash nerf i will be wrecking these fools

You on right now? :smiley: