T-Bone's Assist: Accident or intended?

I was talking to another player at my local arcade the other day, and he was saying how he honestly believes Tronn bonn’s projectile assist was not a glitch, and intended.

No way. The assist does as much damage as a super! I especially get annoyed when I witness it single-handedly beat teams. I loath that gay assist, its the definition of “Broken” in MVC2.

Normally I don’t condone cheap and super-sleazy tactics, unless its to counter another player’s cheapness. When someone picks T-bone and sets the projectile assist, the gloves are off from that point onward.

What say you? T-bone accidental glitch or intended?

I don’t think it’s a glitch, no, neither is it broken… Something like the double crush or Juggernaught glitch, now that’s broken…

You’re having trouble beating teams with that assist?

Occasionally yeah, and its damn annoying. Having the t-bone assist on the other players team forces me to seriously modify my game style, resorting to annoying tactics like runaway and other mindgames. Because I know the other guy is going to whore T-bone’s assist out there like crazy, If I go against him head-on.

It makes me want to pick a dumb assist of my own to counter T-bone’s, like Dr.Doom AA. Or just drop my low-tier lineup altogether, pick top tiers, and kick the other guy’s ass until he stops being a bitch by picking t-bone.

Most local players I know, have no clue how to use t-bone either, she is just a dirty assist character to them.

It should be a simple glitch: each hit does full damage of the three hit sequence. Pretty random - could be as simple as some intern putting in 15,null,null instead of the correct 5,5,5 and the game just reusing the 15.

If you think about it, though, she does give you another dimension to the game that you don’t get otherwise. If you take her out, true anti-airs or Sentinel assists would just dominate that much more. You don’t like her, play people that don’t use her. =\

Psylocke is much easier to spam. If you see Tron, snap her in. You’re not going to lose to her if you know her well. Seriously. She’s incredibly limited - unless they’ve got a really quick Magnus/Storm, the only thing Tron really stops/beats is dumb stuff that you shouldn’t be doing anyways.

Quite a few at my local arcade pick her w/broken assist however. I guess they just love a cheap win, so there is no way around that.

In most of those cases, as long as I can stay away from that dumb assist, I can own them. Like i said however, I have to resort to tactics I don’t like to use like constant runaway and stalling.

Oh and I just love it sometimes when the other player, annoyed by losing, whines about me running away or being “cheap”. As if those dolts left me with much choice.

It sounds like your implying T-bone’s assist is only good when used defensively. Nope.

A physical rushdown attack team like Guile and cammy, w/t-bone as an assist can be pretty deadly. Because they are constantly pushing forward and any effort you make to fight back directly, gets T-bone shoved in your face with her cheesy assist of doom to halt any retaliation. Especially if one is caught in the corner, thats just a mess.

thread done.

tron is cheap but she’s not that bad seriously. She’s really easy to stop if you just play smart which is what you have to do against that assist. No priority, no invincibility.

if theres one assist that people should be bitching about its either drones\cyke AA. Now thats some cheap bullshit.

block low against characters that can’t overhead and just sit there. Cammy does have instant overhead but if someone is willing to go that far, you might as well run another squad just to stop it immediately.

and if theres one person who knows tron its preppy since his main squad is usually mega\cable ron.
In short, tron is cheap as fuck but not god like.**

Apparently all these t-bone’s users at my arcade don’t realize that. She’s always their assist char of choice for most.

Is it that you just don’t want to use counter strats/teams? Why are you suffering “just because”? I don’t understand people like you. If you don’t want to pick top characters, fine. Don’t. But don’t complain about losing with inferior characters. If you don’t want to use superior tactics, fine. Don’t. But don’t complain about losing to scrubby strats.

CliffsNotes: You don’t like adapting.

tron behind a character that can overhead will get scary like preppy said. Half life into 50\50 just isn’t fair but a smart player with a better team should always be able to win.

mixup told me once that he ran mag\storm ron and lost to wongs gambit\morigan\cyke quite a few times. Even one of the best tron teams can be beaten with a basic mid low tier squad that can function. You just have to be able to deal with tron thats all.

if i’m having a hard time against a tron based squad, i’ll run to strider doom and it’ll shut it down for the most part. Except against mixup because that guy is mvc2.

I’m only really scared of tron with a character that has a fast overhead, or cammy ron. Cammy is just retarded fast and her air priority is fuckn beastly.

I have successfully evaded the Assist cheese and beaten shallow teams backed by T-bone quite a few times(like today).

If anything i’m just really annoyed because #1- That assist is total bullshit to begin with, and #2- I always have to seriously modify my playstyle against it.

T-bone’s assist is just 100% pure sleaze.

It is quite satisfying when I have eliminated the first two character’s, then its just T-bone all alone for some sweet payback :wonder:

The assist is total bullshit? What about, oh, I don’t know, Storm? Sent? Cable’s easy-mode >60% guard break? And not wanting to modify your play style, that’s what I meant about not wanting to adapt.

Storm and sent’s assist pale in comparison to T-bone. At least you can recover from that and mount a comeback, if T-bone’s assist hits any character, then 1/3-1/2 his life is gone, and pretty much dead. Plus any multiple hits.

Thats just with a low-tier team backed by T-bone. Throw in a top tier team w/her assist, and the cheese never ends.

It is not that I don’t want to adapt, I just get highly annoyed when I play against someone who’s team is based on that dumb assist.

Duh. Um, she’s a TOP TIER ASSIST. :confused:

A cheap win against dumb scrubby stuff, sure. A cheap win against good players, no. She is a top tier assist. Get used to it. Counter her if you need to.

pot kettle black

Reread. I said “dumb stuff”. You running into Tron == dumb. Losing your block is also always going to be a problem in any game, so yeah, that’s dumb too. She does very little chip damage and very limited range… your options are clear.

Well, yeah, duh, those are great teams. Don’t get confused. You need to remember that much like Psylocke, who you wouldn’t run into, Tron is actually “good” and “useful”. Since all she can do is punish you if you run into her, um, yeah, that’s actually incredibly limited. And it looks like you already know the countertactics, according to you.

If that’s the worst ‘total bullshit’ you have to deal with in Marvel, you play against utter scrubs and should never lose a match again.

Your problem begins here. Snap her in. You can’t land a snapback, that’s your problem.

This is a scrubby thread so far. Stop typing, and for the next two days just read what everybody said before you go off to play Marvel. Guile/Tron and Cammy/Tron are EXTREMELY good “low tier” teams.

Come on, guy, this is scrubbarific. Of course Tron is good enough that people keep picking her. If it wasn’t her for your opponent it’d be Psylocke (much more annoying), Doom, CapCom, Cyke, Juggy, Sent, blah blah blah boring blah. Consider yourself lucky that they’re that bad and move on. This is a dumb thread. Marvel’s got tons of glitches or accidents that change the game far worse than anything Tron has. Counter them with Omega Red (poke-age) or Dhalsim (teleport) or Cyke-AA or Ken-AA and see how they feel then… if you really need to make the bad people stop picking Tron. Hell, even a good Akuma-expansion team can beat up Tron pretty easily. You’ve said they suck with Tron, so get one of the snapback-friendly teams and use that. =P

I was actually talking about their point characteristics, but if you think T. Bonne’s projectile assist is better than drones…

I’d rather face Psylocke or doom as an assist instead any day, I can deal with that much easier. Plus psylocke and doom assist do not take off 40%-50% life off 1 hit either.

Any how, thanks for the advice! Especially snap-back stuff :wonder:

Personally, she’s not that annoying. a lot of people find psylocke’s AAA, akuma’s expansion far more annoying. I know what you mean though. Just do your best and snap her in, kill her so that you get rid of her. Actually…make that a Priority if you find it really irritating. get her killed ASAP.

don’t worry about the spamming part. about 70+% of marvel players spam their assists out like crazy. Any assists, not just trons. especially losta MSP players with psylocke

oh yeah to answer the topic’s question, i think its a glitch.

ironman’s AAA does the same amount of damage i highly doubt it is a glitch

if you play storm, use her tornados…snuffs tron every time and then you get to whoop up on her =) they’ll stop calling soon enough

I can’t believe people were this nice to such a scrubby post, GG’s to Preppy for trying to be nice about it.

I mean seriously, complaining about an assist that makes more of the cast a little more able to compete and not something like short short psy or comando spam is downright silly.

If they have Tron on your team, chances are they are not running a great anti-air assist, do I need to tell you how to take advantage of that?

I hope not.