T-Bonne, Lafourche, Morgan City....The New School of La


random ppl in southern LA…and 1 shreveport scrub.

Aight guys, this is the place where we can get some matches together and see who’s who on the bayou. Feel free to talk shit, call out, do whatever…As long as yall pay me in advance kids…
We need to get some weekly’s in 3s, mvc2, t5, cvs2, whatever just get the ball rolling…
I’m in the union at nicholls on weekdays for mvc2
I live in gheens but we can arrange for some houma or thib matches in anything really i got 3 sticks and a dc wit convertors

anyone needing to get in touch wit me hit me up on aim @ rabidterp



Koopa has comp.

Damn him! I need to come on down, 1 DOLLAR BOB, 1 DOLLAR.


:slight_smile: how amuuuuuusing


I’m not gonna comment on the voice i’d imagine you said that in:arazz:
come on o.g. im just trying to get shit going down here


Yeah, man, it ain’t easy trying to get something goin when you’re visually impaired and can’t drive.

Sides, the closest friends I have that play any fighting games live about 20 minutes away or so.


20 minutes away is close in New Orleans terms.

Not that it matters if you can’t travel anywhere. Hella sucks.


It’s usually either they swing by here, or we plan something at Southland Mall.

Again, I live in Cut Off, not in Houma. Cut Off is about an hour or so away from New Orleans.


Here’s a tier listing for Street Fighter 3:Third Strike (3S)

Note on this tier list, he is not raking any character higher than another one listen in the same tier branch. I pretty much agree to this list except for that fact that they list Ken as high tier and not top tier.

Here’s frame rate data for 3S

Just click on the icon of the character’s frame data you would like to view

Marvel VS Capcom 2 Tier List

Pretty basic tier listening for MvC2

Here’s frame rate data for Marvel VS Capcom 2

Here are some basic fighting game terms and abbreviations you will come across reading the forums here.

Here are some MvC2 terms and abbrivations

That’s it for now… Knowledge is Power


If they wanna post, then let em post. We can’t really do anything about that.

The sticks at Coin It Up never really sucked as far as I remember. What was the problem with them last time?


I don’t care who post, I just think it would be funny…

On a more important note, I’ll be back in Morgan City today. I’m looking for some gaming action. Call my place up and let me know what the deal is (985-395-6509)


Shreveport is the new school of LA to!!!

Nah it sucks. Holding down this fort by myself.


bump new info, cause scrubs are to lazy to look around…


greg how long you gonna be in town for…???
im thinking monday would be a good day for a get together???
too much partying on the other days


If we do have one on Monday, where we gonna have it? I’m up for ideas.


Coin it Up?

Where the fuck is Tommy?


In Texas and not in this New School La crap haha. I’ll be down soon enough :wink: .


eh! Dallas… move to Houston or Austin…


Yo tommy tell me when you find a place that has a TV or an arcade pops up there in Longview, it’s only an hour away.

Amhal (sp?) is coming up near the first of the month, you should come on over if you can.


I’ll be at Coin It Up/Pocket Change all day today. Hope to see some of you guys.


everytime i look into this thread the motion picture “the little rascals” comes to mind… i cant really figure out why tho…