T/E edition 8 way restrictor or 4 way restrictor

Hi, i have a tournament edition stick and i was wondering if it was a 4 way restrictor or an 8 way. I want to mod it so its like the arcades, you know how you can actually move the joystick in a circular direction. Or do you think that i should juts replace the joystick instead?

plez don’t flame lol i kno ima nub

It’s obviously an 8 way.

4 ways are usually for old atari style games like pacman.

You could not do any diagonals with a 4 way.

I think your asking is it a Square Gate or a Octo Gate.

It’s a Square but it is 8-Way.

Octogates are also eight way but they are not square they have notches for all the stick positions.

Make sense?

you should atleast learn the definition of 4-way and 8-way gate because if you knew what the definition was then the answer would be painfully obvious.

If you go as far as to ask not to be flamed, that means you are probably asking a question you could answer for yourself with minimal effort. Let the flaming begin!

This stick was made and the parts chosen to be specifically JUST LIKE a Japanese SFIV arcade cab.

If you want it to be more like a US style stick, order a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate from your favorite Sanwa dealer, snap off the one that’s on your stick now and replace with the new one and presto. You might want to get a stiffer spring while you’re at it, but since there’s no way you’ll fit a US style stick into the TE, you’re stuck with the Sanwa or a Seimitsu.

But if you’re really looking for the authentic SFIV arcade experience, you’ve got it.