T.E. stick doesn't work after update


Apparantly my windows update decided to update itself and for some reason the installation failed so now it only recognizes the buttons but not the actual stick. I’m livid i cannot find the download microsofts page and I cannot uninstall it because the installation failed…can anyone help? frustrated…i have vista home premium 32bit by the way


try to make a system restore to an earlier date


For future protection, I’d suggest the Acronis TrueImage 9 software. I have my system backed up in an image file, and while my computer is booting it says “press F11 to run Acronis TrueImage Recovery” for about 3 seconds before booting my pc. I don’t know how many times having my stuff backed up has saved my ass.

As for the current situation you are having, try locating the driver being used through your system’s device manager, then while the controller is unplugged remove the driver file used to the desktop and then see what happens when you try to plug it in again.

Hope this helps.