T.E. stick problems with mame

I was trying to get my sfiv t.e. stick to work with mame but somethings notworking out right, yes i’ve used the search function. My laptop pics it up and the config test shows the stick works in all directions as do all the buttons. The problem i’m having is that mame isn’t detecting my stick for some reason, it just doesn’t respond at all. Anyone else having problems with their t.e. sticks?

Do you have the 360 version? You need XBCD driver or configure the controls to keyboard using a program called Xpadder.

Mame Plus works with the TE sticks. It’s an issue with older Mame programs with the Xbox Controller drivers (They tend to not work with PS3 sticks at all either.)

Use Mame Plus, or another version of your emulator.

Have you turned on the joystick option in MAME?

Oh my goodness, didn’t even think of something so basic. Nice thinking.

While on that note, lol, have you checked to see if it was plugged into your computer? :smiley: lol j/k

Yes the joystick option is checked. I’m using a very old version of mame32, not sure what mame plus is but i’ll try and figure it out…i mostly bought the stick to play on ggpo becauser super turbo is my favorite game, unfortunately it might be a while before i can play :frowning:

So get a newer version of MAME and the correct ROMs…

my 360 TE works fine with the newest mame plus!
just try using the correct xbcd drivers.

Download the latest Mame version. Mame is under constant development, so there’s no point in using a 2 year old version.

Why would it be awhile before you can play?

GGPO runs the TE sticks and the SE sticks fine. (All the Final Burns do)

Mame plus is a download away. Every single good Emu site should carry it.

well I got the mame plus emu and it says no roms are found…but there are roms in the specified directory…this version of mame is way different than those im used to dealing with. I’ve never played on ggpo but from my understanding doesn’t want need to run a program like mame to get on ggpo? or ggpo has its own emulating software? i said it might take me awhile because when asking for help on a forum everyone just says hit the search button which i always do but rarely find insightful information so im forced to figure things out by trial and error.

Alright i downloaded a different version of mame plus i think the january release and that one seemed to have detected most games and i’ve gotta say this arcade stick works flawlessly…it works so good i feel like im cheating or something hahahaha.